Leading Through Story

untitled-design1  Shape your story…shape the future.

Use story to shape the future of your organization, your community and your career.

What’s your story, the one that builds your undeniable authority and helps you stand out from the pack?

How are your stories making your message or your brand come alive?

How is your team or organization using stories to shape a direction, captivate customers or align staff behind a new message?

And are your stories providing the kind of hope and energy that leads people to act? 

In a world satiated with information, stories will help you capture people’s attention, activate their imaginations, and give credibility to what you do.

Lead through story

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If you’re a entrepreneur, team leader, professional, executive, or board member, let us show you how to use stories to have more impact.

Here’s How We Help:

We’ll teach you to find stories everywhere!

Bring out your best story about:

  • Your vision and why it matters.
  • Your origins and why YOU are the best person to be doing what you do.
  • How your product or service is changing lives.
  • Why members want to belong.
  • What your culture feels like and how your company lives its values.
  • Why your Board is committed.



Collecting and crafting


Create your compelling signature story

For staff of King County Library system

Thank you so much for the class for Creating Your Compelling Signature Story! I attended in order to gain tips on promoting myself with greater clarity and walked away feeling activated and connected to my fellow human beings. It was a much needed breath of fresh air- in these complicated times of divisiveness, chaos and conflict. We all have a story and they are all compelling!

Melissa Falgout

Online Library Services, King County Library System

Sharpen Your Story:
Leadership Coaching 

You can develop or sharpen your stories, like these professionals we’ve worked with:

  • The president of a mining consulting firm wanted more confidence when he told his story to investors.
  • A philanthropist wanted to prepare a speech she was giving to the United Nations.
  • A retiring nurse wanted additional credibility as she made a transition into a new career in expressive arts and coaching.
  • A communications director wanted to make sure she was sending out the right message at work.
  • A high-tech engineer wanted to sharpen the profile he presented on-line.

Sally helped me prepare a talk I was giving for a fundraising event for a program I started for LGBTQ youth.  It was key for me to pack a punch, bring in the personal, and tug at people’s hearts with sincere and raw stories of the youth with whom I work. She was compassionately ruthless in cutting out excess, distilling the heart of the message and  urging me to convey my passion for the work. My five minutes took the listeners through a journey of personal stories and cultural context that painted a whole picture of the work I do. People gave way beyond what I had imagined, touched by the humanity of the work this program does.

Sarah Wright

Therapist and Program Manager, Vashon Youth and Family Services

Lead through story: Workshops and talks

You can use workshops on business and leadership storytelling to change your culture, develop your leadership and inspire your staff. 

  • Executives in Mumbai learned how to develop the stories that gave credibility to their corporation’s commitment to be a leader in corporate social responsibility.
  • Engineers in Seattle learned how to create more engaging presentations by using stories to enhance their data.
  • Professionals in Puget Sound learned to create storylines they could use to create more powerful profiles and presentation materials.
  • Business owners, manager and coaches in Massachusetts discovered how they could use stories as a tool to reinvent their careers and strengthen their businesses.

And improve the effectiveness of your boards and teams while teaching them to use stories.

  • Lawyers involved in dispute resolution learned to improve the story their told about their field.
  • Scientists bringing innovative research to the undergraduate classroom built a community of practice by sharing the stories about what they were creating.
  • Trustees of a prominent art museum learned to connect their personal stories to the stories they were telling about the organization to become more effective ambassadors.

I participated in Sally Fox’s one-day workshop on “Business Storytelling” in Mumbai. It was an outstanding experience, and Sally kept all of us totally engaged and involved right through the day. She has an amazing ability to connect with people at a very high intellectual, emotional and spiritual level and yet keep things simple and implementable.

I have attended many workshops but surely this one must rank among the best. It was especially rewarding for us to experience a Maestro at work since we regard Storytelling as a very important component of the Mahindra Leader’s repertoire of competencies.

Rajeev Dubey

CEO , Mahindra & Mahindra

Sally walks her talk, or shall I say tells her story, as a way to engage people with insight, humor and practicality. Her skill and talent helped our workshop group members tell their personal stories as a tool for expressing themselves in the workplace and in the world.

Rose Singer

Singer Consulting

Collect and craft your best stories:
build your legacy

Honor the staff within your system by recognizing and recording their stories.

  • We worked with a large health care system to record stories that illustrated seventy years of contributions by its nursing staff, and provide the foundation for a book honoring nurses.

Want to re-story the future of health care?

Learn more here

Let us customize a program for you!

Meet Sally

She’s an inspiring communicator, an original thinker, she weaves big ideas and practical examples together to help her clients take their next big step forward. She teaches leadership presence by modeling it. 

She is visionary and practical, vulnerable and solid, accessible and real.  A perpetual learner herself, she’s not afraid to take risks to develop the talents of her clients.