kathyKathy Klost-Guest is a marketing and communications consultant who brings her skills in improv and storytelling to help clients cut through dull language and boost their creativity.

Quote from the interview:

“If the team’s not involved in the story they’re telling, there is no story”

Highlights from the Show

Can we learn how to bring humor into our work.

What storytelling can teach us about how to be vulnerable – in a good way.

What improv can teach us about interacting with an audience when we are working a story.

How to introduce a corporate group to improv.

How Kathy brings storytelling to teams.

The difference between a story framework and a story.

How Kathy helps clients get over “corps speak”.

How Kathy works against jargon-monoxide poisoning.

How comedy can give us great examples of truth-speaking.

 Here’s the entire interview:


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About My Guest

Kathy Klotz-Guest, MA, MBA, MLA is a business storyteller, facilitator, and speaker. Founder of Keeping it Human, it’s her mission to help organizations turn jargon-monoxide into compelling stories and uncover boldly creative ideas for marketing. A podcaster and comic improviser, she has written two books on humor, content, and storytelling (The Executive’s Bedtime Guide series) and is the author of an upcoming book on business storytelling and improvisation (2016). Her work has been published in Convince and Convert, Business of Story, Marketing Profs, and Customer Think. Her 7 year-old is still her favorite audience. 


The Show Notes

Contact her at Kathy@keepingithuman.com. Follow her @kathyklotzguest


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