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Solstice edition: The Light that lives within

Excerpted from “The Light Within” 2023 SJF Last week, I wrote about the darkness and grief many of us felt for the world—pain compounded by personal losses. Then, miraculously, my darkness began to lift, due to no special wisdom on my part. Maybe the Light of the holidays entered the cracks in my heart. A […]

Beauty and the Holidays

I caught up with the Angel of Beauty the other day as she stared into a storefront. “Beauty,” (as she let me call her), “what do you think of all this holiday decorating?” She sighed. “You know the word ‘decorate’ means to adorn, embellish and beautify. Its roots include honor and grace. I hope that’s what people feel when […]

The exquisitely beautiful and difficult

“To me, this is so much of life: holding the really beautiful things and the profoundly hard things in the same palm.” —Suleika Jaouad I just finished watching the new Netflix documentary, American Symphony, featuring two of my heroes, writer Suleika Jaoud and her musician husband, Jon Batiste. They exemplify living in the both/and of […]

Following the trail of “yes”

My husband Steve and I just celebrated the 36th anniversary of our meeting. (We were married 35 years ago.) We said yes to being together then, and we’re still saying yes now. Reflecting on what brought us together made me think about how life is often made up of small yeses. The call that pulled […]

Surviving Mile 19

“Hitting the wall” is the term runners use to describe the moment when the bottom seems to fall out of their stamina, major exhaustion sets in, and doubt may surface about whether it’s even worth continuing. Statistically, it’s most likely to happen around Mile 19. It’s not too different from that moment described by mythologists and […]

Blank is Beautiful

I learned the joy in blankness as I played with my new favorite toy—a “Buddha Board.” The device lets you channel your inner Chinese brush artist as you dip a thick brush into water and paint over the board. Then, as you watch, the water evaporates and the marks fade away. The surface returns to […]

We Don’t Need to Know Before We Go

One of the cool things about artists is that they often start their pieces (and I’m defining artist in the broadest possible way) before they know where they are going. Not all artists perhaps, but the ones I want to emulate—poets, writers, painters, and sand castle-at-the-water’s-edge makers. They may have an intention, a direction but […]

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