Change agents: Jack Quarles—Shifting How We Think About Buying

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Jack Quarles helps companies save millions of dollars in purchasing decisions. But more than just running the numbers, he’s helping people to think. He encourages us to recognize the hidden assumptions and old adages behind our beliefs, knowing these can often lead us into poor decisions.

Jack shows us how to recognize “Expensive Sentences,” to save us from wasting money and time and experiencing the heartache caused by poor buying (and life) decisions.

Highlights from the show

What an expensive sentence is and how to recognize it.

Why we should be attentive to three words when we’re encountering expensive sentences: “stuck,” “special,” and “scarce.”  They show up in phrases like: “It’s too late to turn back now.” “It would be nice if we could do that, but we can’t because of.” “Nobody else can do what we/they do”. “There’s no time to think about that.”

How to know if it’s time to persevere or time to cut bait.

Why being swamped shouldn’t preclude taking time to consider our decisions.

Why even start-ups needed to examine the specialness trap.

How to confront an assumption without confronting a person using three questions which help us challenge limiting beliefs and get to the heart of what’s true.


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About my guest

JACK QUARLES is the author of Amazon bestsellers “Expensive Sentences,” “How Smart Companies Save Money” and “Same Side Selling” (co-written with Ian Altman). He speaks to business and leadership groups throughout the US and internationally, and as an expense management professional has saved companies tens of millions of dollars. Jack has co-founded multiple startups and currently serves on two boards of directors. He received degrees from Yale University and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business. He lives in Toledo, Ohio where he enjoys his church, iced tea, guitar, basketball, and above all spending time with his wife and two daughters.

The Show Notes

His book: Expensive Sentences: Debunking Common Myths that Derail Decisions and Sabotage Success

or learn more at

or learn more about Jack at



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