Dana Lynne Andersen: Awakening through art

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Podcast | 1 comment

I interviewed multi-media artist and teacher Dana Lynne Andersen last December to learn about her work and the multi-media performance piece she created for a conference at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. I left the interview dying to work with her–and fortunately, Covid-19 made that possible. With the pandemic raging, and temporarily unable to return to her Awakening Arts Academy in Assisi, Italy, Dana began offering classes online for those wanting to experience her innovative approach to awakening consciousness through art.

Her classes are an opportunity to experience how Dana brings out the artist within and celebrates art as a tool for raising consciousness and shifting awareness.

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  1. viana fox

    I recently have felt drained and weepy. Come to find out after my heart sound Recording on Saturday my heart was weaker. It was caused from drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee and Yerba Mate. I stopped drinking caffeine back in the 60’s. Long story short when I feel weepy and drained it’s a real challenge to keep my spirits up especially with all that ‘s been going on . As I’m going through withdrawal I’m grateful for my friends, family and classmates in my life. So I understand what you were talking about. Fortunately I’m passionate about my profession.



  1. Fuel the fire within - Sally Fox - […] Part of my inspiration comes from interviewing my friend, Dana Lynne Andersen of the Awakening Arts Academy. […]

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