Expanding the Narrative: Personal stories of government and public service

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I’ll be offering two workshops at this remarkable symposium.

Story Performance: How to shape stories for impact

Stories foster engagement. Increase the impact of your stories by developing a story strategy and then artfully choosing and shaping stories that support your intent. Then, learn to have fun with them as you interact with an audience, relax and present your authentic best

Here’s the scoop on the whole day: Expanding the Narrative: Personal stories of government and public service

Our narrative about government sounds gloomy so often these days. We hear words like bureaucratic, wasteful, and incompetent.Yet for those of us who work in and partner with government, we know the narrative is much more complex. Through government we are able to invest in strong communities that support thriving families. We can expand justice and opportunity for people of every gender, race, religion, income, and sexual orientation. We can protect our clean air and drinking water, our farmlands, and our treasured parks and wilderness.

How can we help people notice more of the good work we do? We can expand the narrative about what’s working in government story by story. Join us for a day of sharing stories about the value of public service. During this one-day symposium, you will:

  • Hear inspiring stories about our challenges and accomplishments serving the public.
  • Explore an approach to storytelling that creates change.
  • Learn how to transform presentations into memorable visual stories.
  • Use stories to create safe places where we can explore and learn from our cultural differences.
  • Shape stories to stimulate employee engagement and better serve our stakeholders.
  • Celebrate how our collective efforts contribute to a better society—and really great stories.
Create a Compelling Signature Story for Your Business and Career

Do you want a powerful story that tells the world what you do? In this action-focused workshop, we’ll share a six-step process for crafting the story behind your business or career.

You’ll leave with a blueprint for your story and a first draft that you can refine and use in promoting yourself on paper, the web, or social media. Is this for you?

  • Do you need to market but hate the hype?
  • Do you want to be authentic and attractive to your market?
  • Are you reinventing yourself but have trouble backing up your new direction?
  • Do you want more punch in your website’s “About” page on your website, your LinkedIn profile or your bio?
  • Can your clients distinguish you from others offering similar services?
  • Does your vision lose impact when you share it with someone?
  • Are you telling a story about yourself that connects and converts?
  • Have trouble expressing the heart of what you do?
  • Want to find the real power behind words like “sustainability”?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’ll want to attend this collaborative, action-focused workshop to learn how to craft a signature story that will engage others with what you’re about.


Create Your Story Roadmap: Mine your past, empower your present, invent your future

Are you:

  • looking for more clarity about your life/work?
  • interested in re-inventing yourself to create work that’s authentically yours?
  • seeking a coherent narrative with which to present yourself?
  • seeking power tools and support to help you navigate the road ahead?

You need a story roadmap.

“Life hangs on a narrative thread. This thread is a braid of stories that inform us about who we are, and where we come from, and where we might go.”  -Christina Baldwin

Envision your compelling future: choose the stories you want to live by. Our brains are hard-wired to learn and make sense of the world through stories. Narratives drive beliefs about ourselves, others, and events. Your story lives underneath everything you do and what you tell the world. Story gives you the authority you need to transform your life.

You’ll learn:

  • Why your story matters and how to make it work for you.
  • How to choose which stories to keep and which to leave behind.
  • Why identifying your origin story is necessary and powerful.
  • How to become a dynamite story-listener who brings out the best in others.
  • Why you need a story community and where to find yours.
  • How to design the future story that will begin to transform your life today.
  • How to use story to have more impact on social media.
  • How to choose the next steps to take to move you towards your dreams.

Meeting Of Support GroupBy the end of the day, you will have:

  • More clarity and confidence regarding your life, career, and future.
  • A hand-drawn roadmap, showing your journey from the past and your way forward.
  • A great community and a way of maintaining momentum.

You should attend if you want to :

  • Create an authentic career, life, or business.
  • Find new purpose and meaning in your work/life.
  • Let go of feeling stuck or worried that you’re not enough.
  • Find new direction and action steps for moving ahead.
  • Appreciate the power in where you are now – at the same time you design where you are going.
  • Spark people’s interest when you talk about yourself and what you’re doing.
  • Harness story’s creative power to re-invent your future.
  • Feel supported by a great community.



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