Jean Storlie: An innovative storyteller

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Podcast | 1 comment

Who says you can’t innovate in the 2nd half of life? When a downsizing forced Jean Storlie to leave her job, she used her creative problem-solving and storytelling tools to reinvent her career. Then, she established a thriving practice helping teams with their innovation and strategic planning. Next came a book, Once Upon an Innovation, that she wrote with Mimi Sherlock. Recently published, the book is a gold mine of practical tools for anyone who wants to apply storytelling to business (and even to life!)

We talk about her own transitions, as well as how she uses her special mix of storytelling and creative problem solving with her teams as well as her own life.


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Highlights from the episode:

How downsizing launched her new career.
The importance of appreciation transitions and the usefulness she found in William Bridges’ book Transitions.
How publishing the book has launched Jean’s next transition.
The stages of creative problem-solving and how they can inform how we think about our lives.
The relevance of Jean’s work and understanding transition to dealing with the impacts of COVID.


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Transitions  by William Bridges


1 Comment

  1. Kevin Sprague

    Very inspirational, a person should look inward to see what’s inside on a regular basis.


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