John Tarnoff is a reinvention career coach, speaker and author who helps his fellow baby boomers transition to meaningful and sustainable careers beyond traditional retirement. Fired 39% of the time in his colorful career as a L.A.-based film producer, studio executive and tech entrepreneur, he currently co-runs a graduate management program for a top university. In 2012, he developed the Boomer Reinvention® coaching program to help his generation stay active, engaged, relevant – and solvent. He is the author of the book: Boomer Reinvention: How to Create your Dream Career Over 50.

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Highlights from the Show

“Reinvention is a mindset shift. You’re willingness to be open to lots of different ways of looking at things.”

How you can re-invent yourself without leaving your job.

“In order to create the future you have to reconcile the past.”

“The career you want is inside of you.”

From the book: “Many empty-nesters are open to downsizing our lives and even working for less money in jobs that are more rewarding. We’re searching for ways to live more in line with who we are and what we want to do at this stage in our lives— and continue to make money while we do it. We may not all be working forty-hour weeks, but it seems pretty clear that we are all going to have to keep working as long as we possibly can in today’s and tomorrow’s economy. Our parents were winding down at this point— and the rest of the world, reflexively, has been expecting us to do the same. But most baby boomers both want and need to keep working and keep going.”

How to reconcile the lingering bad experiences from the past with reframing, listening and accepting.

Why we need to be willing to forgive ourselves in order to move on.

“65 is the new 65, it’s not 55 at all.”

Why hiding your age on your resumé is NOT a good idea.

Making the case for the value you bring as an older worker.

Why “do what you love and the money will follow” is a misguided idea.

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More about John

Over the course of his 40 year career (prior to becoming a career coach), John was fired 39% of the time. In any other field, this might be a questionable thing to brag about, but as an entertainment executive and ​film producer for much of the past 40 years, this was business-as-usual in a very tumultuous, fast-paced industry.

Ironically, changing jobs regularly prepared him well for the 21st century workplace – a challenging environment for baby boomers who are in many cases looking to pivot to second act or “encore” careers.  Many of us have spent our entire careers with just one or two companies, and to be marginalized at work, or to get “downsized” as we are rounding the bend towards retirement (or what we had hoped would be retirement…) feels like a low blow.

The Boomer Reinvention® ​System grows out of his experience turning setbacks into successes in Hollywood, but is also guided by his studies in psychology that led to earning an MA, and enabling his own career reinvention from film production to a second act in education and career coaching.

In the 1990s, he jumped into the emerging interactive market, producing CD-ROM games for MGM Interactive and Broderbund, and co-founding and running a tech startup during the DotCom bubble.

When the bubble burst, he ​went back to school to earn a MA in Spiritual Psychology and reinvented himself as an educator and career coach, returning to entertainment to found and manage DreamWorks Animation’s university outreach, onboarding and creative innovation training program.

In 2012, he launched the Boomer Reinvention® career coaching program to support late career baby boomers looking to start sustainable second act or encore careers beyond traditional retirement. To learn more about the methodology, read his book, Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career after 50. (Reinvention Press, Los Angeles 2017). 

The Show Notes

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