Dr. Joye Hardiman: Learning from the ancestors

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Podcast | 2 comments

/>Dr. Joye Hardiman is a cultural activist who is showing us how to build a stronger tomorrow by learning from the artifacts and stories of the past. She is the producer (and star!) of Ancestral Art Works on YouTube. Joye has been an actress, a theatre director, scholar, writer,  university professor, community activist, world traveler, storyteller, and higher education architect. She was the Executive Director of The Tacoma campus of the Evergreen State College urban campus and a member of the faculty.

She has created in her home, Harriman House, an urban sanctuary, where history and culture come alive. Her home is designed to expand the mind and feed the spirit.

After what she calls her fourth retirement, she took a break to figure out what’s next, and came back with an innovative idea to open her house for salons and dinners she would host her daughter. They’d be a way to inspire conversation as she shared about her many artifacts.

Then the pandemic hit, changing those plans.Not missing a beat, Joye decided to invite people to her house via video and create her own video company, In each of her YOU Tube videos she uses ancestral wisdom to explore and envision solutions to contemporary problems.

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Highlights from the episode:

Why respect for elders and ancestors is so important.
The meaning of Ashay — “let it be so”
Why Joye chose to study Egyptian literature and how it is relevant today.
Why we need to “ra-turn” to the past and “ra-member” our ancestors.
The true sense of homecoming.
Why we need to claim the strength that comes from knowing our ancestors.
What “ra-imaging” is and why it is so important.

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More about our guest:

Dr. Joye is also the founder of the Ra-Imaging exploratorium helps people and organizations and communities reframe their narratives through the recognition and reimagining of those practices, behaviors, language and worldview that block their brilliance.

At a time of much negativity, she offers an inspired opening into a world of history, art, and artifacts, and the great contributions, struggles, and achievements of the peoples of the African Diaspora.

The Show Notes

Check out her inspiring statement of what she’s up to on her Virtual Calling Card and her YouTube channel Ancestral Art Works.


  1. Cheryl Jones

    Hi I am a 1990 graduate of Tacoma Campus. I would love to speak with Dr Hardiman. I am hired to be the Behavioral Health Administrator for the State of Washington. I will be in WA two weeks effective June 4th 2022.

    • sallyjfox

      I hope you got my email Cheryl. If not, send a note to me at the email on the website.


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