jeff and maria collageHave you ever had a strong intuition about your business but were unsure how to incorporate it into your business planning?

International consultants Maria Båck and Jeff Van Der Clute co-founded Sourcing the Way to help their clients sense into the invisible dimensions of their practices – to be able to make better more conscious business decisions.  They use a unique blend of intuition, values clarification, strategy and data recording to guide their clients into purposeful dialogues about what actions are most relevant and resonant with the business.  From that place, easier, more aware and more effective decisions can be made.

Some gems from the interview:

“We’re building capacity for the intuitive and the analytical to come together. We’re not replacing the ways that people have traditionally made decisions in businesses, for instance, but we are creating a more holistic way in which we can discern wisely which way to go, using all of ourselves in all of our capacities.”

“So yes, when we’re building a business, for instance, and we align with what’s happening all around us, we’re naturally more empowered.”

“The major thing that we’re looking for is, ‘What wants attention now?’ Because coming into the state of flow helps pieces fall in place in an effortless way.”

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 About my guests

Jeff Vander Clute is a developer and practitioner of technologies that liberate the human spirit. Jeff perceives wholeness in each situation, listening for currents of wisdom that can inform right action. He has a passion for individual and collective transformation.  Jeff co-founded Sourcing the Way to serve those who seek to be a beneficial presence on the planet.

Jeff got his start as a mathematician and software developer. He was one of the first employees at Tripod – one of the first website software companies. He co-created an online publishing platform that amplified the voices of over 30 million people. He has created software for unleashing the wisdom of communities and “connecting the global heart.”

Maria Båck is an intuitive communicator, strategic consultant,  awareness coach and cofounder of Sourcing the Way who brings inspiration and profound empowerment to her clients. For more than 25 years she has enjoyed success in sales operations, administration, and leadership roles spanning continents and cultures. She helps catalyze transformation by making the invisible visible and opening space for true purpose to emerge. Maria’s strengths include subtle communication and the ability to read the nuanced dynamics of business.

The Show Notes

Read more about them on their website:  Sourcing the Way.

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