Marilyn Paul knows that miracles can happen when you take a day of rest.

Building on the Jewish idea of a Shabbat and her own life experience,  Marilyn wrote An Oasis in Time to help anyone, regardless of faith or belief, tap the benefit of taking one day off a week.

In An Oasis in Time, she shows how we can recharge our juices in these heavily stressed, productivity-obsessed times.


Marilyn Paul is an organizational consultant and the author of two bestsellers of An Oasis in Time: How a Day of Rest Can Save Your Life (Rodale, 2017) and It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys, named a best book of the year by Spirituality and Health Magazine and now in paperback. In Keys, she shares her pioneering model for making the journey from being disorganized and mismanaging time to a far more powerful life of being “organized enough” to go after your cherished dreams. In Oasis, Marilyn describes the path to a day off each week for what you love, and often don’t get to

With a Ph.D. from Yale and an M.B.A. from Cornell, Marilyn takes a unique approach that blends inner work and practical skills training. She has consulted to a wide range of companies and institutions around the world. In addition to her consulting work, she has taught on the faculties of Yale University School of Public Health, the Hebrew University School of Public Health and Colby College in Waterville Maine.  Her work has been featured on national media including National Public Radio, The Chicago Tribune, USAToday, and CNN.


Highlights and quotes from the Show

Why taking a day a week can be life-saving and the antidote to a relentlessly stressed life.

The word Shabbat means “stop” and we can all put away our work once a week and stop.

Rest is the third best health practice we can develop, after food and exercise.

Rest gives our whole body a way to recover.

How preparing for an Oasis day can actually make you more efficient.

Our Oasis day gives a chance to be with people in deeply connected ways.


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