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Make the second half of your life the most

Joyful Fulfilling Creative  time of your life.

Do you wonder:

  • What’s the Muse—or my Soul—whispering in my ear?
  • How can I nurture the spark that comes from the authentic me?
  • What would I LOVE to create/express/learn?
  • What’s calling me?
  • How can I face loss and find joy?
  • What’s my story and how do I want to share it?

I get it! I’ve been there—searching and learning.

And I know this: your second half of life is the BEST time to go exploring!

Let’s travel together!

Life’s too short to go it alone. Let’s work together—or use my blog, book, podcast, and talks to inspire your way forward. 

It’s never too late to create an amazing life!

Do you want to develop, write, or share your story? Do you want to develop a story for the world or revise the inner story that’s been running your life? Either way, story is a powerful tool for discovery and self-expression.

Do you have a sense of direction you’d like to clarify? Pick the path you want to travel. Then, let’s put in some trail markers (small steps), and practices that will keep you moving ahead. 

Express the spark that lives in you. We are ALL creative— and you can develop the unique way that the creative spirit wants to express in you. Recover the love you once had for a process—or pick something new. And rediscover the power of play!


I believe that we were all born with a genius for being us, an inner calling, a creative spark. 

But sometimes we lose touch with it. 

The good news? The spark is always there waiting for us to remember. And we can nurture it at any age!

Want proof? Read my story in my book Meeting the Muse After Midlife: A Journey to Meaning, Creativity, and Joy

Today, I’m helping people tell their stories and translate what’s calling them in their gut (or from the Muse) into practical action. 

I want you to have more joy—but I’ll never sugar coat reality. Life can be hard. We will face loss, grief, regrets. 

I know that only too well. 

So I’ll never tell you to “Get Over It.” Instead, I’ll help you go through whatever life is offering you, using the practices and expressive tools I’ve found to be so useful. 

Isn’t it time? To step-beyond self-limiting beliefs that you can let go of? To fully claim more of your amazing life.

Let’s seize the moment.

Truly, this is your time to soar!

Read The Book: Read my book Meeting the Muse After Midlife: A Journey Toward Meaning, Creativity, and Joy and let it inspire your creative path.

Discover the story of YOU. Find your direction, design your life, and shape your story. I can help you plan a transition, a life change, a new business, or write the book you want to write—or other creative projects. I’ll help you trust your intuition—your Muse—and then design practices that support your life. 

Read The Blog: Each week I share a reflection designed to  help you move more creatively and calmly through today’s volatile times. 

Listen: The Vital Presence podcast offers interviews and ideas to help you think “Yes, and” and express yourself creatively —at any age, but, especially, as you age.

Embrace a soul-filled path and let your spirit soar!

Be the star of your own legend – and enjoy a free gift for you.

Shape the story you want to live—as you honor the past and unleash the possibilities of the future.

Join my mailing list and enjoy the Legend e-book as well as the resources I offer every week through my Engaging Presence newsletter/blog. I look forward to sharing lots of insight and inspiration and hearing back from you!

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