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Increase patient satisfaction, positive outcomes, and quality of care by using story to bringing out the voices of nurses!

Nursing is the most trusted profession in America and the voice of nursing is key to the future of healthcare.  Nurses play major roles in planning from the front lines of patient care to the executive suite. Any successful system change will tap their leadership voice. And yet many nurses today are stressed, demoralized and disconnected from the core values that brought them into health care. 

Listening to their stories can help that change. Bringing out their stories is empowering. Sharing stories creates a common foundation from which to work through the challenges of nursing practice and health care reform. Nurses’ stories put a personal face on patient care and health care values.

Nurses, working together, can help shape the collective story of where health care is going.

“A leader’s role is to influence. Influencing through storytelling is meaningful particularly with staff who have rich stories to tell. Nursing staff, physicians, and patients many times have enough facts and too much information. What staff really want is trust so they can make the right decisions for patient care and the right decisions for the organization. Leaders in an organization, staff, physicians, and patients can make decisions with a story, or a story coupled with facts, rather than facts alone. Stories also influence and shape an institutional culture making it more in tune with its clinicians; thus the clinicians can focus more on the patients.”

Carolyn Hope Smeltzer, EdD, RN, FAAN, FACHE, The Journal of Nursing Care Quality Volume :19 Number 1

Nurses can re-story the future of health care!

Recognize nurses

Transform the culture

Capture best practices

Improve outcomes

Bring out nurses' voices to improve quality of care

Share nurses' lessons and legacy using print or video

Publicly recognize the commitment and caring of nurses

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Working with Sally and Kate was an awesome experience. In my head I had a sense of my tragic, but inspirational nursing story. Being a part of a group of nurses sharing their stories helped me to bring my own story into the fullness of its expression. The experience was both cathartic and uplifting.

Michelle Donahue, RN

Kaiser Permanente NW

“I found it inspiring to listen to other nurses stories.  The stories read at the Nurse Recognition event were wonderful and significant.”

Nancy Witman, RN

Celebrate the voice of nursing.

Participating in Nurses Speak was the most transformative moment of my nursing career.

Peggy Mangan


I was a participant in “Nurses Speak”, a five-day therapeutic monologue intensive with Sally and her business partner, Mary Rives. During that workshop and the subsequent performance, I experienced major shifts in my consciousness, confidence, and skill as a speaker due to Sally’s powerful coaching.

Sally has my highest recommendation. She is an outstanding professional on every level. Her compassionate heart and engaging presence speak volumes about the gold that she brings to her work with individuals and groups in an impressive variety of capacities.

Sally is simply a gifted, passionate, and brilliant individual who gives of herself with immense authenticity. Sally is the real deal, and anyone who works with her is blessed indeed.

Keith Carlson

RN, Nurse Keith Coaching

Meet our team (see our About Us page for more information)

Kate Thompson, RN is a nurse, story tender, cultural change agent, and improvisational actress. She and I partnered on the Voice of Nursing: celebrating our legacy, building our future project for nurses within Group Health Cooperative. Kate collaborates to create storied events, and projects drawing the voice of nursing forward.  She also created an on-line forum for nurses that included a professional discussion board, opportunities for nurses to blog and share their stories, resource sharing, and ways for nurses to support each other in their personal and professional development.

Mary Rives, M.A. of Healing Stories is a story coach, monologue facilitator, and writer, who provides weekly story crafting sessions with elders in her community. Together with Sally, Mary facilitated Nurses Speak, a five-day event that brought together a diverse group of nurses to share their stories on stage in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nurses Speak was endorsed by the New Mexico Nurses Association Foundation and supported with a contribution from Bread for the Journey.


Meet Sally

She’s an inspiring communicator, an original thinker, she weaves big ideas and practical examples together to help her clients take their next big step forward. She teaches leadership presence by modeling it. 

She is visionary and practical, vulnerable and solid, accessible and real.  A perpetual learner herself, she’s not afraid to take risks to develop the talents of her clients.

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