Jeff Rock is skilled career coach, business storyteller, and personal branding consultant who helps professionals re-invent the narratives they use to describe their careers. He’s worked with dozens of survivors of toxic workplace environments as well as entrepreneurs forging their new paths.

He is a story activist, who creates dialogues in which people can discover their real worth regardless of their experience in today’s often toxic work environments. He specialize in career reinvention.


Highlights from the show

Why courage is so important in creating your story.

What an Origin Story is and why it is so important.

How we can change our narratives—if they don’t represent who we are.

How a narrative fits into your personal brand.

Why you shouldn’t expect your work to speak for itself.

How to protect yourself from workplace bullies and take back your authentic story.

The role of your future story and when to start on it.

“A come as you will be” party!

What story activism and the work of Mary Alice Arthur is. (Listen to the podcast!)

Why it takes courage to look at the larger systems narratives or the narrative about our country.

What you can do with the stories you want to leave behind—the ones that limit; the ones that shame.

Write your future fairy tale in the third person to gain momentum for your future story—and share with a friend!

How to work with a listener to empower your story—5 minutes for a partner to share a story; then the other partner gives feedback about their experience of the story. Through the process, partners share information but more importantly, build connections.



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About my guest

Jeff Rock is owner of Swift River Coaching, a coaching & consulting practice that helps people and organizations build strong brands, communicate their highest value, and manage their professional narratives. He’s a a Story Activist, Career Coach, Personal Branding Consultant, Speaker, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

The Show Notes

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