Story Pros: Lori Silverman Bringing Stories to Strategy

loriAuthor Lori Silverman talks about how wise organizations can make their strategic planning, interviewing and futuring more effective through the skillful use of business storytelling.

Lori is the author or co-author of five bestselling books including Wake Me Up When the Data is over and Business Storytelling for Dummies  written with co-author Karen Dietz. She’s a real pro at articulating why stories matter and the importance to leaders of building their storytelling competencies. Lori’s had years of on-the-ground experience in organizations in which she’s been able to show that the creative use of story makes a real difference in core processes like recruiting candidates, strategic planning, and futuring.

Highlights from the Show

  • Why Lori doesn’t introduce herself as a business storyteller.
  • The difference between sense-making and meaning-making and how story serves the latter.
  • How to use story prompts and story triggers to elicit great stories from others.
  • How to use story in future-planning, including visioning and scenario planning.
  • Why you should never start a story by saying “Let me tell you a story”.

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 About My Guest

As the owner of Partners for Progress®, for 25 years Lori Silverman has consulted to organizations across diverse industries on messy, complex changes and creating and implementing long-term strategies to increase success. She ‘s authored three bestselling books in the field: Stories Trainers Tell (with Mary Wacker), Wake Me Up When the Data is Over and Business Storytelling for Dummies (with Karen Dietz). Considered a thought leader in business storytelling, she’s sought as a keynote speaker and has appeared on more than 70 radio and TV shows to discuss the tangible benefits of using story techniques at work. Leaders at Bright House Networks, the Association for Public Health Laboratories, HomeWatch Caregivers, the American Legion Auxiliary, Tinker Federal Credit Union, Lydig Construction, and others have benefited from her story training, consulting, and personal coaching. 

The Show NotesScreen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.52.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.36.16 PM – Lori’s business storytelling website   – Lori’s website for her organizational consulting

Business Storytelling for Dummies

Wake Me Up When the Data is Over


Finding gumption with Kerri Lowe

Kphotoerri Lowe is a millennial feminist spoken word poet, storyteller, and creative facilitator who writes and performs under the name KAYLO. More than just a nickname, KAYLO stands for Keep All Young Loves Open – and serves as a reminder to be the brave, outspoken girl she was when she was young. A girl with gumption. KAYLO performs spoken word poetry and talks openly about her history of eating disorders and sexual assault, with the hope of giving a voice to all of those women who are silenced in their suffering. 


 Listen to a few reflections on gumption, storyhealing, and millenial feminism inspired by Kerri (episode 35):

And here’s the entire interview (episode 34):

You can also find it on Itunes, episodes 34 and 35.



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About My Guest

She leads workshops for women on Writing the Body and teaches performance to teens and adults.  She’s also assisting with Operation Cops and Kids using performance arts to bring kids and police together in dialogue.  She creates a weekly video of her spoken word poetry, and does one-woman performances filled with her poetry, music and poetry.

From the Show

  • What gumption is and why girls need it.
  • How listening to the body can open up one’s story and sense of self.
  • How an introverted performer has been able to share deeply personal and difficult material on stage.
  • What Cops and Kids is doing to encourage dialogue in New York City.
  • Why story is so important for healing trauma, particularly among women around the world.


The Show Notes – Kerri’s website where you can sign up for her regular video and offerings.



Impact investing with Ben Bingham: making money while making a difference

screen-shot-2015-10-24-at-7-40-06-pm-250x250Author Ben Bingham talks about how you can make money while making a difference through impact investing.  

While no investment is guaranteed, research is suggesting that well managed companies that watch their environmental, social and governance issues can outperform other companies in the public stock market.  And Ben is bringing that information and new investment choices to investors who want their money to be profitable while supporting the common good.

 Listen to these reflections on the show:

And the full episode:


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About My Guest

Ben is a certified financial planner and  he author of Making Money Matter: Impact Investing to Change the World. His work draws on an incredibly rich and diverse set of experiences as an artist, bio-dynamic farmer, Waldorf teacher and co-founder of three social enterprises.  Growing up in a legacy family, as a direct descendant of Hiram Bingham III (US Senator and explorer who uncovered Machu Picchu), Ben became a different kind of explorer when he left the family’s traditional educational path (Groton School then Yale University) to learn about the worlds of sustainable agriculture, social causes, and community – and ended up giving away his inheritance to help the ventures he cared about succeed.  But eventually his relationship with money shifted, and he saw that money, managed well, could serve the common good while also profiting its investor.  In 2001, Ben became an investment advisor and in 2007  an independent money manager.

He is the CEO/Founder of 3Sisters Sustainable Management and Scarab Funds: a platform for qualified investors to make impact investments.

From the Show

  • How Ben made the journey from sustainable agriculture to sustainable investments.
  • What impact is and how it sometimes differs socially responsible investing.
  • How those of us who don’t have massive estates can still use the ideas of impact investing in making financial decisions.
  • How the philosopher/social reformer/esotericist Rudolf Steiner has influenced how Ben has developed his own philosophy of investing.

(He suggests checking out  that  or – the largest aggregator of environmental, social and governance ratings.

The Show Notes  – monitors public companies and what they’re doing for the common good – the largest aggregator of environmental, social and governance ratings

3Sisters Sustainable Management Ben’s investment company

Making Money Matter…Impact Investing to Change the World  Ben’s book

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