Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz is an actor, director and master improvisational acting coach who’s been transforming people’s lives with improvisational theatre for over 30 years.  He’s dedicated to keeping the legacy of his mentor,the legendary theater educator Viola Spolin, with whom he studied for 18 years.  In this interview we explore how Spolin’s approach – helping people find themselves through games – can be transformative for actors and business people alike.  Through play people find a sense of presence, unleash their imaginations, and learn to live more in the moment.

Gary conducts workshops, bringing the spirit of improv and play to organizations and groups all over the world.

Gary is committed to keeping Spolin’s legacy alive as a founding figure of what has become improvisational theatre.  He recently launched a major project videoing and commenting on each of Spolin’s famous games and making these videos available free to the public.  See this tremendous resource at

Gary’s work can be found at and where the programs he offers are described.

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