Tina Shattuck: Empowering women and girls through social entrepreneuriship

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Tina Shattuck is a social entrepreneur who takes big ideas and makes them happen locally. She has founded two organizations focused on the empowerment of women and girls: Working Mothers Revolution/Working Mothers Evolution and Women Hold the Key. We talk about how she has developed her projects, always drawing from a foundation of community. She’s currently working on an initiative to connect women of different ages, maid, mother, and matriarch, to support mutual learning and betterment and bridge the divides between generations.  


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Highlights from the episode:

Finding power in community. How Tina helps women by offering a key as an amulet with which women can identify like-minded others. Seniors with seniors: Tina’s plans for an innovative mentoring program between seniors and high school seniors- working the local high schools. How women are handicapped by thinking they are not enough and what they (we) can do.  

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More about our guest:

Tina Shattuck has 30 + years of experience in Human Resources, Event Production & Fundraising, Non-profit work, and Social Enterprise work. She is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated many of her own business from a non-profit live theater to Technical Recruiting, Internet Cafe, and Social Enterprises that empower women and mothers. Her last endeavor, Women Hold the Key combines all of the skills she’s gained into one very important focus – women – community – connection and support. Tina shares her life with her commercial fishing partner of 25+ years, three fantastic, fast-paced teenagers and a community of friends & family who bring a ton of richness to her life.  When she’s not chauffeuring kids from one activity to another, teaching, or building community for women, she enjoys spending time at home with dogs, cats, and a long bucket list of art she hasn’t enough time to do justice. She is constantly “seeking the comfort of women, the support of women, and the need to be in the spheres where women gather.”

The Show Notes

Check out Tina’s work at https://womenholdthekey.com/ On Facebook: Womenholdthekey


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