3rd Act: Victoria Starr Marshall–Relaunching a publishing career

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Victoria Starr Marshall (along with her husband David Marshall) is the Publisher and Editor of 3rd Act Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for older adults in the Pacific Northwest.  From 1987 to 2011 she was the founder and president of Discovery Map International, an illustrated tourist map publisher and franchise organization. She lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.


Highlights from the Show

Retirement’s not always what is cracked up to be, especially if you’ve enjoyed the fun and challenge of running a successful business!

Victoria was living the retirement many of us might dream about. She lived between her home on the waters of Washington State and a home in Canada where she and her husband, David were snow-birds during ski season. Yet two years into retirement she decided that she wanted more from life and she and David purchased a magazine.

Now Third Act Magazine has taken off, consuming more time than expected, yet giving VIctoria and David a  new world of connections as well as opportunities to thrive–while still spending time on the slopes.

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The Show Notes

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