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Have you taken the AI challenge

(Hint: It helps to be human) The rapid advance of AI technology feels dizzying, exciting, and terrifying. New technology is outpacing our capacity to understand its consequences. Moral reasoning, unfortunately, cannot be rushed into production. Neither, alas, can human caring. Maybe it’s time to ask Alexa (Google’s AI assistant), “Alexa, how do we make the […]

A Gift from an Unusual Source

What if you could strengthen the qualities you need by feeling your connections with friends who have died? I know this may sound a little weird, but hang with me. You don’t need to believe in the afterlife, or really anything, to follow what I’ve been discovering. That’s often the case with folks we have loved […]

What to say (or not say) to a friend who is dying

Thanks for reading—it’s not easy to think about losing a friend, let alone what to say.  I’m not thinking today about the pretty picture of sharing precious moments at the bedside of someone who is resting peacefully, knowing she is about to leave as her family waits with her, holding her hand. In this loving scenario, […]

All You Need is Love (but skip the roses)

I’m writing this on the National Day of Loving, aka Show-People-You-Love-Them-By-Spending-Money-on-Them Day, aka Valentine’s Day. How did we get started with this super-capitalist tradition? I assumed that there was a noble Saint Valentine, a high priest of love, tucked somewhere in history. The legends about this dude, however, are murky, and it appears there was […]

Blessing the glad and the sad

Thanksgiving in the US is almost here, the day we sit around the table, hopefully with family and friends, and share with each other what we are grateful for. Usually, it’s the good stuff—what has made us smile or given us joy—the “glads.” But this year, I feel drawn to also give thanks for the […]

Beyond Barbie (What would you say in your speech?)

When I was eight, the girls in my neighborhood loved playing with dolls. I didn’t. I preferred to explore the Connecticut woods and ride around on my Schwinn bicycle. As the girls down the street were unwrapping their first Barbies on a sunny fall day, I cruised the area, wind in my hair, not knowing […]

Friendship in a Post-Pandemic world

Did friendship change during the pandemic? It’s hard to say. But I know what changed for me: I don’t take it for granted. During the pandemic, we isolated, pared our face-to-face connections down to a pod, and connected via little boxes on electronic screens. We missed handshakes, leisurely cups of coffee together, and small evening […]

Nine Reasons NOT to Write a Book* (*unless you must)

1. Writing a book takes time—more than you can imagine. Whoever purports: “You can write a book in ten days” (or two months or ten) is inviting you to: Writing a book takes time, so you might want to stop there. If not I’ll give you eight more. 2. Success is never guaranteed. Perhaps if […]

Bringing light into dark

Monday morning, my husband asked me to read a heavily researched article about a small pack of men who had been systematically distorting American media with lies, creating an alternate reality now espoused by many. My response? Not that enlightened. “Can I have my tea first, and would you promise to find me an equivalent […]

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