Shauna Ahern: Finding “enough”

Shauna Ahern: Finding “enough”

Shauna Ahern, author of Enough: Notes from a Woman Who Has Finally Found It talks about what it took to leave her successful persona as the Gluten-Free Girl to write a memoir that is candid, compelling, and rooted in community. Shauna, whose blogs and books on...

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Marilyn Paul–The Power of a Rest Day

Marilyn Paul–The Power of a Rest Day

Marilyn Paul knows that miracles can happen when you take a day of rest. Building on the Jewish idea of a Shabbat and her own life experience,  Marilyn wrote An Oasis in Time to help anyone, regardless of faith or belief, tap the benefit of taking one day off a week....

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Join us for Season 3 in which we shape the story of the 3rd Act of life while exploring what it takes to stay creatively engaged and thrive.

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"Sally Fox is one of the best muses for our time.  A smart and saavy Yale School of Management sensibility coupled with a spiritual awareness and a love of the multiplicity that makes up this emerging world makes her a great sounding board. She draws out the wisdom in each guest with a freshness and immediacy that will stay with you and make a difference. Listen and enjoy and learn!" - Benjamin Bingham, CEO Three Sisters Sustainable Management

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She’s an inspiring communicator, an original thinker, she weaves big ideas and practical examples together to help her clients take their next big step forward. She teaches leadership presence by modeling it. 

She is visionary and practical, vulnerable and solid, accessible and real.  A perpetual learner herself, she’s not afraid to take risks to develop the talents of her clients.

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