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The first readings will be at:

Synergy, Vashon (behind Herban Bloom),

Thursday October 26th, 7 – 8:30 pm

and The Vashon Bookstore

Wednesday November 1st 5 – 6:15 pm.

See you there!



It’s never too late to thrive creatively

Have you looked at your life and felt like you wanted more?

Felt a hunger to express yourself despite the old messages that told you that you were not sufficiently creative, artistic, musical, talented or, you name it?

Wanted to make the most of all that remainds of your wild and precious life?

Wanted to transform the losses and pains that can come with age into a fertilizer for your creativity?



October 23rd is pub date!

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Meeting the Muse After Midlife: A Journey to Meaning, Creativity and Joy is about one woman’s quest—mine— to find passion and purpose in aging.


As I crossed the threshold of midlife, my heart started telling me,  I wanted more! More joy. More ability to make the most of each each moment as I stepped into the land of getting older.

After years of being a successful consultant and educator, my soul wanted my full attention.

Time to trade in some “professional credibility” for the ability to express my authentic, quirky self.

I wrote. I did improv theatre. I gardened like my life depended on it.

And then, I met the Muse.

And began to trust myself.

Join me on a journey to a more expressive life, challenging old messages about aging even as I deal with the losses and challenges getting older can bring.

I’ll show you how my intuition and Muses guided me to a sense of purpose that was more than “just words.”

I’ll inspire you to experiment through my explorations, some successful and then share the practices and disciplines that helped support my new, more creative world.

Feel inspired to see how you, too, could leave behind the old messages and stories that left you smaller than you are.

Travel with me as I learned to delight in beauty, garner wisdom, and feed my soul.



You too can follow your creative dreams!

Here’s what a few advanced readers are saying:

“Sally does an incredible job of conveying the emotions and reflections many of us feel moving into the third chapter of life…and offers the possibility that life becomes richer when we see it in terms of “both/and.” 


Margaret Seidler

Author, Power Surge

Sally masterfully guides her readers with honesty and love by drawing out a new understanding of the mysterious way that our material and spiritual worlds shape one another…


Heather Williams

Author, Drawing as a Sacred Activity


Disguised as a memoir, this is a wise, witty, and captivating exploration of aging and creativity. Sally shows in luminous prose that celebration and openness to the wonder and artistry of our lives are the optimum ways to express who we are.  This book is like a masterclass in empowerment… You’ll be happy you read this book.

David Spangler

Author, The Call and Apprenticed to Spirit

Sally Fox is a masterful storyteller who takes us on a profound journey of awakening. There’s a quiet revolution happening in the world: The second half and even the third act of life is taking on a whole new dimension—she’s a pioneer in this movement…

Dana Lynne Andersen

Author, Art and Spirit: Creativity and the Transformation of Consciousness

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