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Sally Fox, Ph.D

My grandmother used to tell the story of when I wandered away from home at five and she found me standing on a busy street corner looking around. “What on earth are you doing,” she asked me, suitably alarmed. “Well,” I replied, “You’ve just got to know people.”

I’m still that kid who wants to know people, whether I’m teaching, writing a book or blog, or working around the world (France, Ecuador, Burkina Faso, Japan…for starters). When I hear someone’s story, I can’t help but care about them.

 I kicked my people-know-how up a bit by earning a doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems. I’m also an explorer, sharing my discoveries as a university faculty, then as a consultant and now as a writer.

I am a mix of many things, idealistic and practical, spiritual and strategic. By crossing boundaries and synthesizing, I can bring more to my clients.

When I’m not helping clients with their individual story skills, I try to influence the big stories that influence us. I want to change the narrative about life post sixty, aka aging. These years have been the most creative of my life.

My own journey has taken me into gardening, writing, improvisational theatre, podcasting, music, sound healing, and now art. I’m a living testament to the idea (and I can support you) that it’s never too late to do what you’re called to do.

Vital Facts:

Once convinced the Ecuadorian Air Force to fly her to the Galapagos Islands (I was teaching there at the time.)

Met her dream (and only) husband while working for different campuses of Antioch University.

Violated every good-sense gardening rule and created fourteen plus garden beds on her property her first two gardening years.

The more official bio

Sally Fox, Ph.D. is a writer, facilitator, performer and story-coach who supports professionals in shaping their futures, communicating with ease, and inspiring others through storytelling.

An expert in leadership with thirty years experience designing and directing innovative leadership programs, Sally has coached hundreds of leaders, from all walks of life, to be their passionate best, develop presence, and have more impact.

She offers a unique synthesis of skills with her understanding of story-crafting, performance skills, and academic credentials that include a doctorate in Organizational Systems from the Fielding Graduate University, and an M.B.A. from Yale.


Inspiring others through storytelling.

She is known for her deep listening, intuition, sense of strategy and ability to help others discover catalytic new possibilities. She has consulted to organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest and abroad.

Her early career was in international development where she worked in fourteen countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Sally lives on an island near Seattle, where, when she’s not writing, planning, coaching clients, or interviewing guests for her regular podcast, you may find her working in her enormous garden or riding her Connemara mare.

A Few Facts

Principal:  Sally Fox
Age: Older than she looks!
Education: A lot:

  • Ph.D. Fielding Graduate University. (focus: leadership development)
  • MBA Yale
  • MA. University of Michigan, Sociology
  • B.A. Oberlin College

On a beautiful island a ferry ride from Seattle

Consulting Practice:

She began consulting in 1984, providing business development and strategy support for small businesses. Her focused changed to leadership as she discovered that without collaboration and synergy, business development can’t happen. And now she’s bringing in the power of presence and story into her coaching and facilitation.

Sample Employment:

Faculty Director of a Master’s program in Management for Antioch University Seattle. Product development manager for an early internet service provider. Photojournalist in Ecuador. Manure picker at the Yale stables.

Primary Clients:

Service providers who want a genuine connection with their clients  Executive directors, nurses, managers, engineers, scientists, doctors, computer whizzes, project managers, etc.

Most fun at work:

Connecting deeply with clients.

Oldest dream come true:

Bought her first horse at 42. Loves riding and caring for her inimitable-where’s-my-carrot Connemara mare “Mariah” (aka Miss Personality!)

A few favorite places she’s worked:

Cuenca, Ecuador; Oagadougou, Burkina Faso; Tokyo, Japan; Cartagena, Columbia; Berlin, Germany.

Most fun outside of work:

Improv, her latest clowning class, meditating, writing  and …performing stories!

Her rock:

Her husband Steve

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