Meeting the Muse after Midlife is out now on Amazon or at your bookshop! 


This is your time to be the best, boldest most creative you, listening to the heart of what calls you.


I’ll help you.

Imagine and plan a new career or post-midlife direction. Manage a transition?

Share your story, at work, on stage, on the page, or through your legacy.

Present in a way that inspires and engages.

Choose from these offerings:

(or let us design something unique for you.)
Craft your story
You have a great story. Why not claim it?
  • Reflect on your life
  • Share your legacy.
  • Make your presentations rock.
  • Inspire and engage others.
  • Develop a great bio or about page.
  • Write a memoir or life essay
Charting Your Direction
Create the path you want to follow.
  • Get clear on your north star.
  • Manage a transition.
  • Identify your signature style and talent.
    Identify your signature strength,
  • Explore possibilities.
    Bring more heart to work.
  • Create manageable actions plans.

Path-finding strategy with action plan: 5 sessions

Awaken your creative spirit
Bring out your alive, authentic self.
  • Develop your authentic voice.
  • Trust the whispers calling you.
  • Expand your creative expression,
  • Structure your life around your dreams.
  • Make creativity your day-to-day practice.
Strategist, designer, or story-catalyst

I love working with people like you, creative, insightful and talented–who care about the planet.

Call me a strategist, designer, or story-catalyst, I’ll help you explore the heart of what’s important to you and figure out what’s next.

I can help you build your presence or document what’s been important to your life.

If you want to present, I’ll show you how to bring out your natural authority, and speak with power, poise, and purpose.

And, last but never least, I’ll be your biggest fan, giving you the applause that you more than deserve.

Why be just an actor in your life and work story when you can be the author?

"I experienced major shifts in my consciousness, confidence, and skill as a speaker due to Sally’s powerful coaching. Sally has my highest recommendation. She is an outstanding professional on every level. Her compassionate heart and engaging presence speak volumes about the gold that she brings to her work with individuals and groups in an impressive variety of capacities. Sally is simply a gifted, passionate, and brilliant individual who gives of herself with immense authenticity. Sally is the real deal, and anyone who works with her is blessed indeed."
Keith Carlson
Owner, Nurse Keith Podcasts and Coaching
"I engaged Sally as a coach when I was feeling stuck attracting the ideal client. Sally helped me see the power of engaging around their hopes for the future. I needed to get more in touch with the story behind my potential clients’ dreams and aspirations. Though we were working by phone, her deep listening and inspirational guidance created a breakthrough."
Elizabeth Olson
President, Preferred Futures, Inc.
"Sally shaped my leadership and professional development skills over the past year. She coached me to “reprogram” myself – letting go of former bad habits, perceptions of people, and societal prejudices in order to make stronger leadership decisions. She cheered me on as I gained new leadership strengths, and improved my presentation skills and ability to tell compelling and thought-provoking stories at work."
Keely Brown
Program Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers
"I’ve been working with Sally one-on-one and I can honestly say that she is awesome! She’s got a wonderful way of teasing out all the great stuff in your story that you didn’t quite know was there."
Dave Smith
President, Highlands Geoscience
You can develop or sharpen your stories, like these professionals:
  • Executives in Mumbai used stories to reinforce their commitment to social responsibility.
  • Engineers in Seattle enhanced their presentations.
  • Fundraisers build relationships with donors.
  • Professionals learned to tell inspiring stories about their practices.

Let us customize a program for you!

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