Meeting the Muse after Midlife is out now on Amazon or at your bookshop! 

Your creativity knows no bounds when you learn to cultivate the spark within.

I share samples of my recent art to inspire you to know that joy awaits you when you follow your heart to create.

In my book Meeting the Muse After Midlife: A Journey to Joy, Creativity, and Meaning I share how I believed—for close to 60 years—that I couldn’t make viusal art. “No talent/no eye,” I told myself.  Then I had an epiphany. The rest is history!

That’s why I can help others who are holding themselves back from unleashing their creative powers. I know what it takes to break through old, debilitating messages and discover the joy of creating in new ways.

Don’t wait to follow your heart, experiment, discover, and play! And if you want to boost your momentum, work with me to design the next steps on your creative path.

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