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What to say (or not say) to a friend who is dying

Thanks for reading—it’s not easy to think about losing a friend, let alone what to say.  I’m not thinking today about the pretty picture of sharing precious moments at the bedside of someone who is resting peacefully, knowing she is about

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Small Acts Can Light the World

All around us tiny acts of kindness are happening daily. You have done some of them. Big or small, they bring light to the world. Sometimes, they change lives. Despite the occasional thanks we receive, often we don’t know the

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All You Need is Love (but skip the roses)

I’m writing this on the National Day of Loving, aka Show-People-You-Love-Them-By-Spending-Money-on-Them Day, aka Valentine’s Day. How did we get started with this super-capitalist tradition? I assumed that there was a noble Saint Valentine, a high priest of love, tucked somewhere

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Eight Books Someone Should Write

The uber-creative illustrator and drawing coach, Wendy MacNaughton, issued a challenge this week to the folks following her on Substack: come up with imaginary book covers. Drawing is not my forte, but her assignment put my imagination into high gear. I’ve come

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And now, a brief view from the land of the ordinary

The world’s been a bit gloomy, so I thought we needed a change. A little visit to main street, real life, the ordinary. Because contrary to what we sometimes hear, good people are doing lots of good-hearted, regular things every day. I

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Changing at the Speed of Slow

Question to a rancher: What’s the fastest way to move cattle? Rancher: Slowly On Monday, Martin Luther King Day, I thought about a lesson I learned from my friend John when he toured my garden. “You white people think change

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Set Up Your Day With Morning Rituals and Routines

In these tumultuous times, as I wrote about last week, morning rituals and routines set the direction for our days. They offer a base of calm stability from which to travel into our work and to-dos. Plus, they’re fun to design. For

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Fasten your seat belt—it’s 2024!

“Live with skillful nonchalance and ceaseless concern.”~ Prajnaparamita Sutra ~ Fasten your seat belt, it’s 2024 and we’re in for a wild ride. And the best time to prepare is before the storm hits. I’m not the only one thinking

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