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The Gift of Ordinary Kindness

When readers tell me that they are enjoying my book, it makes my heart sing. If it inspires them to expand their creative adventures, I'm doubly delighted. Last week, I received an email with the subject "Brava" that brightened my day. The content made me...


Blessing the glad and the sad

Thanksgiving in the US is almost here, the day we sit around the table, hopefully with family and friends, and share with each other what we are grateful for. Usually, it's the good stuff—what has made us smile or given us joy—the "glads." But this year, I feel...


Do you need a “mistake pass”?

A vocal coach in Australia described her method of helping the participants in her classes sing more freely: she gives them each ten "mistake passes." She knows that when students are concerned with singing "right," their bodies will tense, their throats constrict,...


When clouds get in the way

Does it ever happen to you that—when things are going great—blue sky and fresh breezes—some small thing derails you and lets a host of storm clouds cover the sky? Even though you know that the sun, the light, is out there, those clouds are in no hurry to move on....


Growing high/growing low

Most trees and plants grow by reaching upward toward the light while sinking roots into the darkness of the earth. We grow as we look upward and let our hearts expand with light and joy. And it feels good to feel rooted as well. But there’s another growth path...


The Courage to Be Mediocre

Does the idea of being mediocre stop you from trying to do the creative thing you've always wanted to do? If so, join the club. The fear of never-being-good-enough can become our bullet-proof reason to not experiment and explore a new area where we’re not going to...

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