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Growing high/growing low

Most trees and plants grow by reaching upward toward the light while sinking roots into the darkness of the earth. We grow as we look upward and let our hearts expand with light and joy. And it feels good to feel rooted as well. But there’s another growth path...


The Courage to Be Mediocre

Does the idea of being mediocre stop you from trying to do the creative thing you've always wanted to do? If so, join the club. The fear of never-being-good-enough can become our bullet-proof reason to not experiment and explore a new area where we’re not going to...


Surviving Mile 19

"Hitting the wall" is the term runners use to describe the moment when the bottom seems to fall out of their stamina, major exhaustion sets in, and doubt may surface about whether it's even worth continuing. Statistically, it's most likely to happen around Mile 19....


When crazy is sane (or a dog’s life)

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the craziest things we do turn out to be the most sane? Acquiring an animal can be like that. I don't think I've had a clean-floor day since my springer spaniel twins came bounding into my life four years ago. But for my sister,...


Enjoying the dog days of summer (a pause)

The dog days of summer are here, but as our temperatures in the Northwest head toward 90 (remember, few of us have air conditioning), our dogs are wilting with the rest of us. Seems like a good time for all of us to grab a cool drink and do less, unless, of course,...

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