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It’s never too late to create!


As an author who discovered her creative path later in life, Sally knows that it’s never to late to embrace a more creative life. She inspires audience members to find their creative spark and move from feeling like “I can’t express myself like that” to “I can’t wait!” 

Sally offers her wisdom infused with energy, insight, stories, and practical tips.

She’s is an engaging performer who speaks with wit, vulnerability, heart and realism, as she shares stories about living a more creative life. 

 As one listener recently said, “You made my day—this was exactly what I was looking for and needed today.”

Finding the more creative you after midlife: 

Examples from two five-minute talks for Ignite Seattle

"Sally’s brilliance lies in her simplicity. She took us into a life experience that enabled us to be a player and spectator, the protagonist and the observer, through an intense, entertaining medium of embodied expression. Sally laughed and cried, sang and danced, talked and thought, cringed and shone. Even though I was silent I was intimately engaged with every movement, word, nuance, and emotion she impressed. I was moving with her, crying and smiling and comprehending life stories she narrated as my own story and as the universal story. Only she made me “live” the story, in a few minutes, not just think about it.” Her presentation was an eye-opener for me! My own experience of teaching and facilitating paled in comparison to the living, intense, profoundly powerful interaction I had with Sally as she performed."
Beena Sharma
Vertical Development Academy
"Your presentation was very moving for everyone in the group. One member said you were the best speaker that we have ever had, so that gives you a little insight into how deeply positive everyone felt about your presentation."
Teresa Bourke
Docent, Seattle Art Museum
"What really touched me deeply about your performance is its intimacy. I felt you giving yourself wholeheartedly to it. Your playful intelligence and wisdom shone through. Watching your courage and vulnerability in describing how you received news that changed your life moved me so much. You are a unique performer – not afraid to laugh at the paradox and the pain of it all. I left your performance feeling much more empowered myself."
Francesca Shrady
Writer and therapist
"Because of its realness, I found the piece [Please Help me Remember} stunningly beautiful in its exploration of what it’s like when a member of a family system suffers a dramatic change."
Susan Kaetz
Retired acupuncture faculty, , Harborview Hospital
"Sally gave us an amazing gift of “Cultivating Hope” as a closing presentation for our conference, Media That Matters. She was able to weave core themes she heard throughout the conference together with her stories, music, and dance — bringing all the dynamics of our work alive."
Stephen Silha
Film Prodeucer
"Our very diverse group found Sally Fox an inspiration. Her thoughts, philosophy, and very timely information were articulated with such spirit that we all left the meeting buoyed with renewed energy and commitment to our goals. She renewed our confidence in ourselves and confirmed our reasons for being. We would recommend her to any group committed to getting results while honoring the human spirit.”
Martha MacInnes
Program chair, Northwest Women's Business Owner's Association

Where Sally has spoken:

A Few Offerings—with more we can share

Sample talks

We’ll customize a talk for you — about creativity, storytelling, thriving as we age, or dealing gracefully with the many paradoxes of life.

Sixty is NOT the new 40

This is but one of the many myths about aging we need to dismantle to live more engaged, wonder-filled lives. Rather than pretend to be younger, why not find the gifts that live within your age—and share them proudly with the world. Isn’t it time to feed your soul—and reinvent the stories you’ve been telling yourself about the second year of life. It’s your best time to create and thrive—and the moment you have.

Why not embrace aging with its challenges and opportunities—and live with the authentic passion you’ve always wanted to express?

Shape the story you want to live

Stories bring meaning to our lives and you are the author of yours. Why not shape a new story about who you are, where you have been, and where you are going. Here are some easy practices for reviewing the past, deleting old messages, and expressing more of who you really are. Whether you want to leave something for your grandkids, write a memoir, or plan the life ahead of you, Sally’s practical ideas will help you design the future you want to live now?

Embrace the Muse: Expressing a more creative you

When it comes to creating, many of us grew up in the world of I can’ts. We began to believe, “I can’t sing,” “I can’t draw,” “I can’t dance,” or “I can’t build a thing.”

We lose touch with the enormous fun that comes from the process of expresing ourselves creatively.

As we age, it’s the perfect time to let go of those messages so that we can enjoy the process of whatever our souls are calling us to do.


These performances will captivate your audience and can lead to deep and engaged conversations.

Please Help Me Remember

“Please Help Me Remember” is a 45-minute performance about living with early-onset dementia. Every year in this country it’s estimated that approximately half a million adults under the age of 65 suffer from it.

This is the story of one family, spoken through the words of the wife who is losing her memory, her husband, and her daughter.

The story is about coping, laughing, caring, and enduring. It is about balancing medicine and faith, loss and hope.

Although the focus is on dementia, it also speaks to those who deal with other forms of challenging life circumstances. The piece leads effectively into a community dialogue about living gracefully with dementia or with a loved one with dementia.

We Heal Each Other

In this 45-minute performance, Sally brings to life the story of Ly Sieng Ngo who survived the worst of Cambodia’s horrific Killing Fields only to discover that her trauma didn’t stop when she arrived at her new home in Seattle.

But through reflection and perseverance, combined with a deep desire to help others, she came to heal herself and was able to bring healing to her community in profound and unexpected ways.

For her work, Ngo was awarded a prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leader award. This performance will stir your heart with the power of human resilience, commitment, and the power of stories to move us through trauma.

Embracing the Clown

(A fifteen minute performance)

When she was 60, a friend told Sally to try clowning. While she was familiar with improv theatre, nothing prepared her for the vulnerability she would face on stage behind a red nose

This performance is for anyone who fears the humiliation of going public, or isn’t ready to take the risk of failing in order to break open to new possibilities in  life.

Do you want to speak, your story or present a talk?

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We can customize a talk on creativity, aging, storytelling or the challenges of a changing world.

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