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Bringing old wisdom to new leadership with Anil Sachdev

Rarely have I met anyone who so integrates a path of self-knowing and meditation with a very successful executive career.  Anil Sachdev has been a senior leader in the Eicher Group in India and the founder and CEO of Eicher Consultancy Services. He founded Grow Talent – the leading player in Education and HR Consulting and through Grow […]

Reflections of a master consultant: talking with Geoff Bellman

Geoff Bellman has written six books that have been hugely helpful to the consulting and organizational communities. Now in his mid-seventies, he’s easing out of a thirty-year internationally-recognized consulting practice. In this interview, Geoff reflects candidly on the  field of organizational consulting and some of the changes he has seen. In this interview, I ask him to reflect on his […]

Spark Your Thinking by Going Visual

Visual Goal Setting is a way of tapping your intuition and giving additional power to your goal setting and planning efforts. I spent a great evening with Patty Dobrowolski, author of Drawing Solutions, learning how to make use of this creative tool.

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