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When things feel out of control—try this

Growth. Time. Change and the idea of flow in nature. When I make a work I often take it to the edge of its collapse and that's a very beautiful balance." Andy Goldsworthy Do you ever feel as if life is like piling rocks? You build a solid foundation and things feel...


Freedom’s Not Just Another Word

On the Fourth of July in the United States we celebrate freedom. That is if anyone stops to think about it. Our “Independence Day” is mostly a time of picnics and fireworks, and too often, a lot of noise. I call it the “National Day of Terror” for animals and...


To bless the cyber space between us

What if you had a friend with whom you spent a sizeable portion of your life, yet you treated the relationship like one you could ignore or take for granted? My relationship with my computer, and the cyber fields in which we travel together, has been one of...


Here Comes the Sun (a solstice pause)

On the Summer Solstice, the longest day in the year, as the sun reached its highest point in the sky, I took a pause to reflect. I found words online that seemed timely to me—as well as a musical treat I share below. But first, I quote: The Summer Solstice reminds...


The Gift of the Ordinary

Grief knocked again—or, more accurately, knocked me off my feet and left me wailing. You’d think after writing about grief, I’d know to anticipate such a thing—or find an easier way through the aftermath of my sister’s death. But no, Grief was as tough as ever. And...


Are you “too sensitive?”

Did anyone ever tell you, “You’re being too sensitive” when you were growing up? Maybe they wanted to help you by offering comfort after your encounter with the neighborhood bully or local "mean girl." Or maybe they were wanting to say, “Get over it.” Sensitivity,...


Nine Lessons from Grief’s Playbook

First off, thanks to everyone who sent words of condolence and compassion for my sister’s death—which I shared last week. I loved each email, even as a message occasionally triggered a wave of sadness. Support beats silence any day. I’ll remember this lesson...

Creative agingFlourishing


Words are beautiful but sometimes need to waitLest they be out of place.The world must be experienced before it can be described. I tread in a new land.My sister,(the "good friend" mentioned in these blogs)died Tuesday.Before I write about itI need to...


Letting the tulips sing

Can flowers sing? No way to prove this but recently they sang to me. Finding new colors I recently returned from visiting a friend who's dying of cancer. In leaving, my heart filled with achingly beautiful sounds and the rich melancholy of grieving. Did grief have...

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