Our Clients

We love the seekers, pathfinders, creatives, and all around great people we’re honored to serve. 

While our individual clients are confidential, here’s a sample of some recent delights:

A client, with forty years of experience offering bodywork and wellness consulting decided it was time to tell her story. We redid her website so it could shine.

A client and registered nurse with decades of experience decided it was time to share her gripping story with the world – and we brought it to the stage.

 A client had visionary ideas and needed the story she was sharing about herself to match.  

 A client on the verge of retirement wanted a plan to help her through the transition and on to her new path. 

A client wanted her graphic design business to reflect her commitment to the environment, and unique talents, while providing the income she needed to support her family.

A 79-year-old client with years of experience in bodywork decided to launch a practice guiding others through grief. We worked to scale her business to what was most important to her in life. 


Organizational Clients?  We’ve had LOTS of them.  (Ask me about my leadership work.) But that’s another story. 


Create your story
Engage the world

 Conversations with creators who are shaping the stories that are shaping the world 

Join us in conversations with creative change makers who are shaping their new stories about today's rapidly changing world as they discover how to live a more joyful and authentic life. 

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