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Are you ready to:

Imagine and plan a new career or post-midlife direction

Manage a transition?

Live a more creative life?

Write or tell your story, for your family or the world—on the page or on the stage.

Present your ideas and inspire others?

Feel more purpose, joy, and aliveness?

Play more?

You don’t have to do it alone – I’m here to support you

Time to follow the Muse and shape a new story!

Fill your life with meaning and find more magic in your days.

I’m a seeker and I always have been. Now, that I’m post-midlife, living with a sense of meaning has become even more important to me.

Along with joy, aliveness, and the chance to express myself creatively.

I want to make the most of each moment—knowing they aren’t unlimited.

Following the old messages that constrained me doesn’t make sense.

I coach clients who are ready to move into the next stage of life, their practices, or their creative work.

And I make sure that what we design together fits your life, your values and your dreams.

If you are 70, we don’t pretend you’re 40. But we don’t assue we know what 70 means, either.

I love the Muse and waited for her half my life.

Isn’t it time to say yes to her inspiration today?

Claim and craft your story

Give your strategy a soul

Craft your signature story

Align your teams and boards

Claim and craft your story

Bring retreats to life
Help teams find their commong story

Claim and craft your story

Offer your leaders a set of communication, strategy and story skills


We ask the questions that take you to the heart of what you do.

We challenge, we guide, we help you find the innovative solutions you need.

We laugh with you. We share stories. We improvise. Seriously.

We help you develop presence.

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