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Keith Carlson: The New Story about Nurses

Keith Carlson is helping shape the conversation today about nurses and the nursing profession for tens of thousands of his listeners and readers. A nurse for over twenty years, he reaches his audiences through his two podcasts for nurses, as well as his regular blogs, writings, presentations, and ebook. A gem from the interview: “You’ll hear nurses say, […]

Chris Farrell: Creating a new story about un-retirement

We live within stories, some personal, some cultural.  One of those stories is about retirement – that supposedly magical time of life when one crosses over a threshold and leaves the work world forever. Yet for increasing numbers of us, that story doesn’t work at all. Maybe we want to keep working because it offers us a way to […]

Reinventing the story about government: with Doug Nathan

Our culture is full of narratives about government, many of which don’t do justice to the institution. Doug Nathan is on a mission to change that, and a first step is the symposium he is organizing, “Expanding the Narrative,” a conference which will happen May 24th in Seattle.

A Secret Tool to Help You with Difficult Conversations

If you’re like most folks I’ve worked with, handling conflict, especially when it involves messy emotional conversations, is not your cup of tea.
Conflict comes with the role of a leader – and it’s important to be able to have those difficult conversations. I bet you handle conversations well when differences are clear-cut, objective and technical. But do you run for cover when things become confrontational and feelings start flying? Well here’s help – new skills – that come from improvisational theatre.

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