Isn’t it time for a new story about aging?

Make the second half of your life the most Joyful Fulfilling Creative time of your life.


Do you ever wonder:

What’s my direction after midlife?
Where’s my spark and how can I bring it forward?
How do I want to stay engaged?
Who am I now that I don’t have to work or care for others? Or if I do?
Who am I without (fill in) in my life?
How do I handle heartbreak? Expand my joy?
And—what’s my soul asking for?


  I SO get it! I’ve been there, searching and learning.



Isn’t it time to travel a new path toward joy and meaning after midlife?


Let’s create together! 

I’ve created a blog, book, podcast, talks and personalized coaching to inspire you to find  your unique way.

You never need to take the most important journey of your life alone.

Isn’t it your time to claim more JOY, MEANING and CREATIVITY?

TOGETHER, we can…

You’re the author of your life. Use the power of story to edit your past, heal from old messages, come more fully into the present, and shape a more compelling future.  Or give words to your legacy!

Pick the path you want to travel, and find the trail markers and supports that will keep you moving ahead.

Express the spark that lives in you—the one you once had and the one waiting to come through you. And rediscover the power of play! 


Thanks for traveling with me.





I’m Sally Jean Fox, an author, seasoned coach, educator, and transformational creativity consultant, but you can call me Sally. When I taught leadership storytelling in India to managers, my students called me Dr. Fox or Dr. Sally, which was fun because I rarely lead with my PhD.


I love helping people find the meaning they are seeking in their lives and then design practices to support themselves. I’ve been doing it since I was a toddler. Well, not really, but for at least thirty years. By now, I’ve coached hundreds of adults.


 I care about nurturing the creative spark. It’s a jewel—you must never lose it—although in my life I had to let go of a lot of old messages to discover more of my authentic, imaginative self.


You can read my story in my book Meeting the Muse After Midlife: A Journey to Meaning, Creativity, and Joy. I’ve translated what I learned into practices you can use—find some on the book page, or let’s talk one on one.


I believe in the Muse who’s standing by to help your true self and voice come through. Whether you think of her/him/them as your deepest intuition or an external guide, there’s part of you that knows and that’s the part we can explore together.


Forget everything you ever learned about life after fifty (even if you’re decades away!)


Isn’t it time to follow the Muse and make this stage of life your soul-filled and fulfilling time ever?


I’m not saying that it’s always easy. It’s often not. And believe me, I understand that, too.


The creative journey is too important to do alone.

Why not seize the moment to feed your soul…and soar! 




Read The Book: Read my book Meeting the Muse After Midlife: A Journey Toward Meaning, Creativity, and Joy and let it inspire your creative path.

Explore Your Direction and Share Your story: Find your muse, your Northstar, the path only you can travel. Through individualized coaching, I’ll help you listen to the whispers, chart your course, build your practice, express your creativity, and shape the story you share with the world. And I’ll be with you, applauding every step of the way.

Read The Blog: Each week I share a timely piece of insight, often with practical tips to  help you explore, create, and meet the challenge of volatile times. Let’s discover how to thrive whatever the stress, uncertainties, and opportunities life brings us.

Listen: Tired of reading? The Vital Presence podcast offers interviews and ideas to help you think “Yes, and” and express yourself creatively —at any age, but, especially, as you age.

We each possess a creative spirit, but few of us recognize it, and even fewer still live in ways to give it wings – especially after midlife. Sally Fox’s wise, funny book Meeting the Muse After Midlife shows us by example that aging is less about cognitive decline than about creative incline, if not creative flight. It’s never too late to find your way. Let Sally’s story be your inspiring guide.

Jeffrey Davis

Author, Tracking Wonder

I experienced major shifts in my consciousness, confidence, and skill as a speaker due to Sally’s powerful coaching. Sally has my highest recommendation. She is an outstanding professional on every level.

Sally is simply a gifted, passionate, and brilliant individual who gives of herself with immense authenticity. Sally is the real deal, and anyone who works with her is blessed indeed.

Keith Carlson

Nurse Keith productions and coaching

Sally’s presentation was an eye-opener for me! Her brilliance lies in her simplicity. I was moving with her, crying, smiling andcomprehending life stories as if she were narrating my own story as well as the universal story.

Even though I was silent I was intimately engaged— a living, intense, profoundly powerful interaction with Sally as she performed. She made me “live” the story, in a few minutes, not just think about it.

Beena Sharma

Vertical Development Academy


Embrace a soul-filled path and let your spirit soar!

Be the star of your own legend – and enjoy a free gift for you.

Shape the story you want to live—as you honor the past and unleash the possibilities of the future.  


Join my mailing list and enjoy the Legend  e-book as well as the resources I offer every week through my Engaging Presence newsletter/blog. I look forward to sharing lots of insight and inspiration and hearing back from you!  

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