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Have you taken the AI challenge

(Hint: It helps to be human) The rapid advance of AI technology feels dizzying, exciting, and terrifying. New technology is outpacing our capacity to understand its consequences. Moral reasoning, unfortunately, cannot be rushed into production. Neither, alas, can human caring. Maybe it’s time to ask Alexa (Google’s AI assistant), “Alexa, how do we make the […]

A Gift from an Unusual Source

What if you could strengthen the qualities you need by feeling your connections with friends who have died? I know this may sound a little weird, but hang with me. You don’t need to believe in the afterlife, or really anything, to follow what I’ve been discovering. That’s often the case with folks we have loved […]

A humble, life saving, brain easing tool

While preparing for my about-to-launch art show, a friend helping me (Thanks, Kymm!) created a checklist to guide my work. On it were little boxes with the many tasks before me. My first reaction was, “But, I know this. already.” Then, I realized she’d given me a great gift that would ease my mind as […]

CJ Miller The Spiritual Artist

Chris Miller (CJ) is an entrepreneur, artist, writer, and speaker. He’s a lifelong Spiritual learner who has spent the last 20 years examining the creative process and its relationship to spirituality. He’s the author of the book, The Spiritual Artist and produces a podcast by the same name in which he interviews artists and spiritual […]

Bringing all our parts to the table

We have “no bad parts,” at least according to Dr. Richard Schwartz, founder of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach to psychotherapy. By parts, he means aspects of our personality, some of which evolved to support us, in ways that may not serve us well in our current lives. He teaches that: “Our inner parts contain […]

Sparking creativity with curiosity and joy

Words from a creative genius Maybe the essence of creativity isn’t complicated. Or maybe we should replace the word “creative” (to help those who doubt that they are creative) with more accessible words like  “radically curious” and “passionately playful.”  This week, I took a deep dive into the words of a creative master, who has […]

Michael Williams: Storytelling as a Healing Practice

Dr. Michael Williams is a Canadian-born storyteller who spent three decades living in Scotland, where he honed his skills as an oral storyteller. We talk about our mutual love of storytelling as we trace Michael’s history as a contemporary bard in Europe and Canada. Living in Scotland, he honed his skills as an oral storyteller […]

There Goes the Sun (da, da, da, da, da)

In a world that’s full of darkness, it’s nice, even miraculous, when something pulls us into the light together. Usually, it takes something dreadful to rally us as a country—stuff like war, a common enemy, a bellicose leader, or a terrible tragedy.  Last week the sun and moon pulled off the ultimate convening event—a dazzling […]

Playing with Paradox

To be able to hold a paradox requires holding the tension between opposites—seemingly contradictory forces.  When the world appears too chaotic it’s tempting to want to run from the prickly arms of complexity into the simplicity of black-and-white thinking. Except that usually doesn’t work. For example, we can suppress the contradictions within us by trying to kill off parts […]

The Glory of New Growth (A Pause)

I find it a miracle that despite what is happening in the world (and thanks for the well wishes about the loss of my friend), spring comes again. Each moment of new growth comes like a celebration—so time to go wander in the garden. In the meantime, I offer you the following to catch up […]

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