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Stumbling in the land of too-much-ness

While we’ve kept our national attention on Covid-19 and its variants, another pandemic has slipped into town: too-much-ness. You can see it in the faces of your friends when they look overwhelmed by life. You feel it when you look at your schedule and 1) want to go back to bed or 2) feel your […]

An Unlikely Path to Humility and Mindfulness

When I taught several groups of Japanese managers near Tokyo, one of the qualities I most admired was their humility and consideration of others. It felt like a refreshing change from the US cult of the individual—with its encouragement to “look out for number one” and “climb the ladder to the top”—no matter what the impact […]

Have you taken the AI challenge

(Hint: It helps to be human) The rapid advance of AI technology feels dizzying, exciting, and terrifying. New technology is outpacing our capacity to understand its consequences. Moral reasoning, unfortunately, cannot be rushed into production. Neither, alas, can human caring. Maybe it’s time to ask Alexa (Google’s AI assistant), “Alexa, how do we make the […]

A humble, life saving, brain easing tool

While preparing for my about-to-launch art show, a friend helping me (Thanks, Kymm!) created a checklist to guide my work. On it were little boxes with the many tasks before me. My first reaction was, “But, I know this. already.” Then, I realized she’d given me a great gift that would ease my mind as […]

Bringing all our parts to the table

We have “no bad parts,” at least according to Dr. Richard Schwartz, founder of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach to psychotherapy. By parts, he means aspects of our personality, some of which evolved to support us, in ways that may not serve us well in our current lives. He teaches that: “Our inner parts contain […]

Learning to see again

Even with the best of eyes, we often don’t see. I discovered this truth while cleaning my office—a historic event that was part of a cleaning blitzkrieg. Now that the pace of “have-to-dos” around my book has slowed, it was time to turn my eyes (with apologies) to the other aspects of life I’ve neglected. […]

Solstice edition: The Light that lives within

Excerpted from “The Light Within” 2023 SJF Last week, I wrote about the darkness and grief many of us felt for the world—pain compounded by personal losses. Then, miraculously, my darkness began to lift, due to no special wisdom on my part. Maybe the Light of the holidays entered the cracks in my heart. A […]

Beauty and the Holidays

I caught up with the Angel of Beauty the other day as she stared into a storefront. “Beauty,” (as she let me call her), “what do you think of all this holiday decorating?” She sighed. “You know the word ‘decorate’ means to adorn, embellish and beautify. Its roots include honor and grace. I hope that’s what people feel when […]

The exquisitely beautiful and difficult

“To me, this is so much of life: holding the really beautiful things and the profoundly hard things in the same palm.” —Suleika Jaouad I just finished watching the new Netflix documentary, American Symphony, featuring two of my heroes, writer Suleika Jaoud and her musician husband, Jon Batiste. They exemplify living in the both/and of […]

Following the trail of “yes”

My husband Steve and I just celebrated the 36th anniversary of our meeting. (We were married 35 years ago.) We said yes to being together then, and we’re still saying yes now. Reflecting on what brought us together made me think about how life is often made up of small yeses. The call that pulled […]

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