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Improvising your Third Act with Christine McHugh

spring-2012-headshots-037-683x1024I met Christine in the Santa Fe airport, when I was returning from a performance workshop, and she was flying off to San Francisco.  I was fascinated – and delighted to be able to learn more about what’s she’s up to in this interview. 

Christine’s been a theatre director, film director, training and development professional, and story performance coach as well as a life coach.  She’s trained people in the work of Byron Katie.

In this interview, we’ll talk about what Christine is up to as she’s inventing a great Third Act for herself. Her new motto:  “Working hard at working less.”

We’ll talk about her films and her latest project: an inspired video-story service in which she captures the stories of elders in her community on video.

A gem from the show:

“For the first time in my life [as I went into my Third Act of Life], I stopped planning and controlling how my life was going to go….as a life coach, I’d been thinking it was really important to have goals and give year plans”…

But her career was soon to take off in another direction!

And hear the episode:

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About my guest

Christine McHugh is a Theatre and Film Director now living in Santa Fe after 25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a Theatre Director, Christine has directed over 60 shows from regional theatres and colleges to middle schools with a recent concentration on solo-performance pieces. She has combined her background in theatre with her training as a life-coach to help facilitate people’s personal transformation through spoken memoir. A few recent credits include The Solo–Mio Festival in San Francisco – “Beautifulness” by Doni Tamblyn and “Taxi Karma” and “The Dissident” by Canyon Sam. “In Dog Year’s I’m Dead” and “Made of Cotton” with Akasha Halsey at Noh Space in San Francisco and “If You Really Knew Me” with Beth St. Clair at the Indianapolis Fringe Festival.

As a film director she co-wrote and directed the short comedy film, “On The Nature Of Hotness” which one the 2013 New York City International Film Festival for Best Short Comedy and was the official selection at ten film festivals in 2013 and 2014 including Cannes Court Metrage and the Starz Denver and Santa Fe Film Festivals. In 2014 she directed DonnaLou Stevens in her music video, “Older Ladies” that has over 50 million million views on YouTube and other internet sites. It was featured on The Today Show, Anderson Cooper 360 and the Fox Country Round Up. She is the President of New Mexico Women in Film and is currently creating legacy videos of matriarchs and patriarchs of families to capture the unique histories, memories and stories that reside in the elders to capture them for posterity.

The Show Notes

Christine’s website:

Watch if I Were Enlightened



Watch her legacy video about The Dewie Effect.

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