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Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey: Living and Leading Artfully

Dr. Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey brings artfulness together with leadership and helping people grow. She is an organizational psychologist, artist, coach, and author of the book: Painting Your Path: 21 Interviews with Extraordinary Women. We talk about how she weaves art into her coaching practice and also uses her own principles to help her deal with a difficult vocal condition.


  • How Clarissa has dealt with a recent, debilitating voice condition and used it to reflect on her life and ask herself: “What really matters?” and “What am I not saying?”
  • How she used self-care as a key tool in her recovery as well as the work she does with clients.
  • What “Painting Your Path” and living artfully means and how you can discover yours.
  • How Clarissa has brought artfulness to corporate leaders.
  • The soothing and healing power of expressive arts and how they can influence other parts of our lives.

Hear the interview:

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Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey, PsyD is an award-winning transformational coach, organizational psychologist, author, abstract artist, and podcaster. Her top-rated podcast, Painting Your Path, helps mid-lifers start living life on their terms.  Popular episodes include overcoming imposter syndrome, creating a life you love, and moving past perfectionism.  

A trained organizational psychologist from The California School of Professional Psychology, Clarissa is fascinated by the people that continue to bring their dreams and goals to reality no matter what their circumstances. Over her multi-decade career, Clarissa worked with hundreds of leaders and teams in various industries like healthcare, HR consulting, food and beverage and retail. The heart of her work beats at the intersection of leadership development, creativity, and wellness.

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