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If you need more time

Even though last week I wrote about seeding a new beginning, I’ve had trouble starting up again.

The air feels fresher, yet still weighted. It’s been hard to feel clever, creative, or wise.

Time to surrender to what is.


I’m not quite ready
to start up again.
Couldn’t I plunk by the stream
Soak in a bit of stardust,
Harvest some moss,
Watch the water glimmer?

The air with joy and tears weighs heavy
The stream runs swift beside me
Carrying news, ideas, in a moment gone.
What did I say I needed to do
wanted to do
or thought I’d learn about?
It felt terribly important
until it floated away.

If I didn’t respond to you
It’s not that I don’t care.

My life today
Is beginning to feel like Facebook
A post today
is ancient tomorrow.
Too fast it seems,
a moment’s news, no longer new.

(I forgot to note
the things I must remember.)

This is the way dreams are lost.

Perhaps my mind has to stop
before it can catch up.

I want to sit by the bank
rooted in silence
and not worry
about what I will miss.

It helps to see you
sitting on the opposite bank.
I think you understand.


If any of you are feeling fatigued while asking what’s next, I’m with you.
I’ll look for you beside the cool waters..

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