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Primility: balancing pride and humility with Jerod Morris

Jerod is currently the VP of Marketing for Rainmaker Digital, the digital marketing podcast network developed by Copyblogger Media.  In this interview we talk about a private passion of his: the art of Primility – balancing pride and humility.

I met Jerod through the world of podcasting, where Jerod has (at least) five podcasts going.  I participate in his great Showrunner podcasting class and community – where he practices the principles he talks about in this interview.

Jerod has been doing a regular podcast Primility Primer for over a year – originally exploring on a daily, now weekly basis, how to maintain a balance of pride and humility in order to make better decisions.

Primility – the balance of pride (or confidence) and humility is an example of a polarity we need to manage in order to effectively lead. A polarity is a set of values that appear, on the surface, to be contradictory, but actually are linked. You can’t have one without the other in any sustainable way.  And this is what Jerod shares on his podcast, in exploring primility in very practical and personal ways.

Here’s the entire interview:



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About My Guest

Jerod Morris helps people live more fulfilling lives. 

In his role as VP of Marketing for Rainmaker Digital, Jerod creates educational content and digital products that help people develop and grow rewarding, profitable online businesses. The content Jerod create includes The Showrunner Podcast (with Jonny Nastor) and The Digital Entrepreneur podcast (with Brian Clark). The products he has developed and marketed include the Rainmaker Platform, The Showrunner Podcasting Course, and Digital Commerce Academy.

Jerod has been a featured speaker at conferences across the country about leadership, content strategy, and podcasting.

Jerod is also the host of The Assembly Call, Podcast on the Brink, and Primility Primer. He strives to keep his pride and humility in balance.

Quotes from the interview:

“Where we are going to be in ten years, starts with the decisions we make today.”

On the importance of modeling what you’re teaching:

“If you aren’t a great example of what you’re trying to teach or what you’re trying to be be, you’re not going to have any credibility. And so people won’t listen to you and all that you can do at that point is tell stories about other people….We buy into people and we buy into the stories that people tell us.  And if there isn’t credibility from the person telling us that story, we aren’t going to buy into it.”

From the Show

  • Why Primility with its focus on humility, is a key to leadership success.
  • How successful people have a combination of confidence balanced with caring about others.
  • Why Primility, at its heart, is about making decisions.
  • How Primility allows us to observe our emotions, step outside of them and make better decisions.
  • How doing the show has become a morning practice for Jerod – with a mission to share it with others.
  • Why managing emotions doesn’t mean having to suppress your feelings.
  • Why you need to walk the talk if you want to inspire people to work on Primility.

The Show Notes

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Or look for it on Itunes!


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