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The Glory of New Growth (A Pause)

I find it a miracle that despite what is happening in the world (and thanks for the well wishes about the loss of my friend), spring comes again. Each moment of new growth comes like a celebration—so time to go wander in the garden. In the meantime, I offer you the following to catch up on:

The world is so full of “shoulds” about what we should do and what is normal behavior. Isn’t it time to let some of them go.

Don’t you hate hearing “He’s too old” or “She’s too old” like a fait accompli?

Sometimes, life doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t have to. Instead, we follow the call in our hearts—and I’m building an art studio.

One of the hardest conversations to know how to have is one with someone who is dying. I did my best!
I’m big on small acts, the little gestures and offerings that may change someone’s world.
If all you need is love—that applies to every day not just Valentine’s Day. So skip the roses and share the love.

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