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When life goes to the dogs

Sometimes the things we do that are crazy might be the most sane.


This week I interrupt my usual desire to bring you important, reflective, timely, or occasionally useful information, to bring you this fast-barking news:

We just adopted our joy-boys, brothers Winston and Royce, after several months of fostering these young, high-energy English Springer Spaniels.

Color us nuts. It makes NO SENSE to do something that adds complication, let alone expense, to our lives.

But what seems to make no sense may actually make the most, especially when it comes to infusing affection and joy into our lives.

These guys never care that the news about the White House, California fires, or climate change is dire. EVERYTHING can be cured with enough kisses and hugs.

I’m a total lush for doggy hugs. (Even if it makes writing in my chair a little more difficult.)

Dogs in chair

Clearly, they are changing our lives.

Mr. Royce considers flies to be his personal home entertainment system. Fortunately, this fall we have a bumper crop flying around the kitchen, keeping him very busy.

This week, he created a new slogan: “I’ve never met a fence I didn’t like (to get out of).” A half a mile of fencing around the property was enough to keep deer out, but not Royce in. Being the true explorer he is, he lives for making (or digging) discoveries, like this secret tunnel into the horse paddock:

Winston delights in watching old Downton Abby episodes with us, waiting for the moments when he can run with the hounds. They bark on screen and off he goes. He appears to have been born without any gearing between sleep and high-speed, turbo-charged racing around the property. If only I could burn calories watching him run…

In a different vein, I have been using my non-existent free time to research robotic vacuum cleaners and cordless-stick vacuums, and the possibility of hiring a house staff like at Downton to remedy the daily dirt disaster on our floors. I never thought I’d be working for the dogs. (Cleaning tips gratefully accepted!)

My husband? He’s onto the fences. I suppose great adventures always come with challenges.

All I can say is that at those times when the four of us huddle together on the bed, reading, watching movies, or staring at flies, life is good.

Very good.

Our thanks to our friends at English Springer Rescue America (ESRA) and to our beloved senior Spaniels Riley and Jackson who broke our hearts while they broke us in.

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  1. Hi!

    Furry love is the best! I do not have any at the moment, but get to enjoy my daughters two lovable (and loved) dogs. A Wheaton Terrier (Phoebe) and a Black Goldendoodle (Riley). His Mom was a black standard poodle.

  2. I can relate to all of this- our new puppy, Chili, brings us so much joy. Even as I’m shoving on boot, pants and raincoat for that early morning pee session, I can’t help smiling at his delight in racing down the stairs, followed by intent listening and sniffing to figure out the past night’s events. He just makes me laugh!

  3. Welcome to the doggy delights special to those with active and energetic canines. Best wishes for many years of kisses, cuddles, antics, forgiven sins, making up, nose prints on windows, pawprints everywhere, and easy access to abundant joyful love. They should enjoy fetching and it will help “tick their boxes”, (fulfilling a need), leaving them more able to relax and chill. I have also had huge success with essential oils, applied in a certain way. Their noses are some of the most finely refined, even amongst other canines. Look up Zoopharmacognosy if you are interested. Most of all, ENJOY, and post photos.

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