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And now, a brief view from the land of the ordinary

The world’s been a bit gloomy, so I thought we needed a change. A little visit to main street, real life, the ordinary. Because contrary to what we sometimes hear, good people are doing lots of good-hearted, regular things every day.

I thought it was time to sample a few of them.

Genevieve T. in Brooklyn celebrated her 92 birthday with family who flew in from all around the country. Her daughter gave her a paper crown to wear during the party. She got to meet her new great-grandchild and couldn’t stop beaming.*

Marty M. (8) was given a blue bicycle for Christmas, She hasn’t stopped riding around the neighborhood.*

Joey W.’s black cat was lost for five days and then found in a neighbor’s garage. The family is overjoyed.*

Enrique G. baked his first pear galette, and his friends raved for days.*

Pantone released their color of the year: “Viva Magenta. ” They say it “embodies an expression of fierce grace, inspiring us to show up with confidence and humanity. ”

An Indian teen invented a gadget to help people with dementia who are likely to fall—like his grandmother.

500 people posted affirming, positive comments five minutes ago on the Internet.*

Amani B. told their boss that they were transgender and their boss said, “Good for you. My sister is non-binary.”*

After two years of trying, Maggie G. is pregnant. Her partner Paco was so excited that he almost kissed the UPS man.*

Redwoods are being planted in the Northwest and doing well.

Ten healthy babies were born in Kyiv yesterday.*

Maria Genne is guiding older adults to dance. Some of them have dementia. They dance on Zoom with folks from around the world and have a blast.

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75, 892 women cried watching Barbie but felt good about their tears.*

Mahesh V. wrote a poem about his homeland and eating dal. His mother was very proud.*

I cleaned my office. (Hurrah!) Sadly, 14.5 spiders were killed. I don’t know what happened to the .5

* still waiting for confirmation from my fact-checker, but I think this had to be true somewhere.

What’s your little bit of ordinary you would add to my list?

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  1. My dear friend E.R. (she is dealing with a life threatening illness) ate yesterday a normal sized meal with delight! She had a huge smile in her face and her eyes were sparkling like a child’s!

  2. I had a pleasant cross country flight: no doors blew out, no wheels fell of the plane, no weather delays. And the snowy world below was beautiful. (Sadly, magenta was last year’s Pantone color of the year. This year’s is a gag-worthy “Peach Fuzz.”)

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