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Celebrating you

North star on a midnight sky.In this season of gifts and celebrations, wise men and pilgrimages, the dark of night, and the light of new beginnings, I just wanted to say thank you for all the ways you expressed your best self this year. Some I may have seen. Others I can imagine:

  • you gave an unexpected compliment to someone.
  • you cheered wildly for your child, for a friend, or for your hometown team.
  • you paused while listening to the radio to let your heart break over a senseless tragedy.
  • you gave money, for a cause or a campaign, because you knew your dollars could make a difference.
  • you smiled at a child you didn’t know who was beaming up at you.
  • you faced down your own critic and did something that you’d been wanting to do.
  • you mentored someone at work.
  • you immersed yourself fully in something you loved – reading a book, planting your garden, or racing your car.
  • you got angry over an injustice and spoke out on-line.
  • you made a small change to help the environment.
  • you gathered family around you and let them know you cared.
  • you reached out on the phone to someone you had been meaning to talk with for months.
  • you caught a snowflake with your tongue or tasted an icicle.
  • you sweated from the exhilaration and effort of your favorite sport or activity.
  • you encouraged someone to pursue their journey (and that someone could have been you).
  • you got down and goofy with your dog, your cat, an animal, or anything that inspired you to play.
  • you took a risk to follow your dream and inspired another.
  • you took time to honor the spirit – in prayer or just a moment of wonder.

I wish I knew all the details. You did so many good things. Just know, in this season of light, that you brighten my life, and I thank you.






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