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Dana Lynne Andersen: The power of transformative arts

Dana Lynne Andersen

Dana Lynne Andersen is a multimedia artist, writer, playwright, and teacher who has taught and exhibited on three continents.

She is the founder of the Awakening Arts Academy, with programs in Assisi, Italy, Nevada City, California, and online.

In this conversation, we explore the nature of the Transformative Arts Certification Program she offers—why it is so needed in the world and what it represents.


What the transformative arts approach is, and why it is needed.

How transformative arts can help us deepen our sense of self and connection with a higher consciousness.

What Dana is offering through her studio in Italy and online.

Quote from the beginning:

In perilous times we need precisely what the arts have to give; the capacity for profound insight, generative creative possibility, expanded vision, epiphany and revelation. 

 The arts, hijacked by materialism and nihilism, must rise from these ashes to re-inhabit the spaciousness of the soul —a territory alone sufficient to meet the pressing needs of our time.

The role of the artist living in watershed times must be to awaken. We are moving from an age of matter to an age of energy. We are operating in a world that is fundamentally different than the world of our forebears. We must all learn to navigate in territories outside the boundaries of what we already know, and this is the province of the Arts.

True originality is ‘from the Origin’—that which springs directly from the Source.  

 Connected with the highest Source within it transmits unswervingly both Truth and Beauty.  Art that touches this origin reverberates in our soul.

‘Awakening Artists’ recognize that art has the capacity to transform consciousness- both personally and collectively.”

Hear the interview:


Dana Lynne Andersen has taught and exhibited on three continents. Her paintings have been featured on the covers of books,  magazines, and calendars, and her artwork, as well as her visionary thinking, have been featured in newspapers, radio, and television.
Dana is known as a loving and inspiring teacher,  a ‘Vesuvius of creativity” and as “an important visionary for the consciousness community” (Robert Mc Dermott president emeritus of the California Institute of Integral Studies)  Dana received her Bachelor’s degree cum laude in philosophy from Colorado College, and her Master’s degree in the Study of Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University.  See her work at

In 1988 she founded her first Transformative Arts Studio (HeartCore Studio 1988–1990 Berkeley, California)—a nexus for the pioneering integration of Art and Spirituality. In subsequent studios (Tree of Life Studio Denver, Colorado, 1992–1996 and at Ananda Village (1996–present) she created studio laboratories for the evolution of consciousness through whole brain/whole being creative process. In 2002 she founded “Awakening Arts”, an international network of artists committed to the creation of art that is uplifting and transformative. In 2009 she began teaching in Italy and India, establishing The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness and developing a certification program in Transformative Arts approach. The Academy has two centers: near Assisi, Italy and Nevada City, California.


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  1. Dana, it was great to hear you sharing the power of transformative arts. I couldn’t agree more that art is so essential in regenerative healing in all areas of life. Tapping into the soul and the higher energy through art (the way you and others make available) is, I think, what is needed to call forth into being the SHIFT of consciousness whose time has come. Thank you for introducing these podcasts. Peace and love, Jacqui

  2. I love the idea of using art to expand ourselves rather than making a product. Thank you for this interview!

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