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Dialogue with Jeff Rock: using your Origin Story for Career Re-invention

screen-shot-2016-02-22-at-12-21-13-pm-250x250Jeff is a Career Coach, Business Storyteller and Personal Branding Consultant who helps professionals to communicate their value in an authentic and compelling way. He specializes in Career Reinvention for people who want to take their careers to the next level or transition to a position better aligned with their goals and values.

Jeff and I are teaching a class together – on April 9th in Western Massachusetts called Create Your Story Roadmap: Mine Your Past; Clarify Your Present; Conceive Your Future.


Here’s the entire interview:


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About My Guest

Jeff is a career Coach, Business Storyteller and Personal Branding Consultant who helps professionals to communicate their value in an authentic and compelling way. In addition to career reinvention work he does leadership and executive coaching using the Genos Emotional Intelligence model and other instruments.

He helps clients see their  potential, mine past skills and accomplishments, and rebuild their professional identity from the ground up.  His career in Corporate America spanned over 25 years and included Leadership, Project Management, Information Technologies and Consulting. As hiring manager for a consulting firm, he sourced thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of professionals.

He has worked with and for Fortune 100 companies, navigated mergers & acquisitions, and worked on dozens of  successful projects and initiatives.

He has produced and hosted The Next Step with Jeff Rock, a BlogTalk Radio show focused on personal branding and transformational storytelling (being retooled). He has been a guest blogger for web sites in Japan, India, and Iceland. He’s published in an e-book on thought-leadership in personal branding and is a frequent guest on Empower Radio and other podcasts and Blab sessions.

He’s an active member and contributor of the StoryU  storytelling community, as well as Stand Out and Be Heard, a community for thought-leaders, authors, podcasters, and professional speakers.

Speaking engagements include multiple Project Management conferences, Cambridge College Masters in Mental Health Program, Carson Center for Human Development.

He lives with his wife, Mary, and three dogs on a small farm for rescued horses.


Quote from the interview:

“The Origin Story feeds into the clarification of your present story.”

“The present story and what you want to change powers the future story.”

“Change your story, change your life.”

“If we don’t examine our stories they just go on..”

From the Show

What an origin story is and why your origin story is key to career reinvention.

How to pull out of negative stories inflicted on us and reclaim our worth.

Why we need generative stories.

How your life experiences open up your most valuable grounded expertise.

Going from reciting a story to generating a living story.

Why we all need story listeners.

What are the stages in a story roadmap.

Using your senses to help you imagine the future.

Using the 5 P’s of questions to explore your Origin Story.


The Show Notes

Learn more about Jeff at

Find out more about our event  Create Your Story Roadmap:  Mine your past, empower your present, invent your future  here.

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