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Diana Place—Creating a new story in the 3rd Act of life

Executive and entrepreneur turned community builder and advocate for women in the 3rd act of life, Diana Place shares wisdom from her journey and the inspiration for the online 333 Collective she created.

After dancing “on the edge of my passions” throughout her career, the coincidence of three “lightening strike” experiences in 2018—a cancer diagnosis, shutting down a business venture, and empty nesting as she turned 60, compelled her to focus on what she wanted most to do with what Mary Oliver once called her “one wild and precious life.”

We talk about her journey and what she is doing today with 3rd Act Quest and the 333 Collective.

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Diana’s journey from AOL exec to social entrepreneur.

How we can get hooked to institutions that aren’t good for us and what it takes to leave.

The problem with the story of retirement.

How Diana has brought forward stories to help others see the power in the 3rd act of life.

Hear the interview:


Diana’s 35-year professional career includes: a decade in Boston with a leading international advertising agency; ten years with America Online (AOL-Time Warner) in the exciting early days of the internet that culminated in a role as senior vice president and; three entirely different entrepreneurial ventures. She co-founded Dunbar-Hunter & Associates, a cause-marketing firm (bridging corporations and nonprofits around a range of issues from aids, to homelessness, domestic violence and breast cancer), WonderBlink Photography, a dream she’d had since I was 14, and The Global Design Post, an online platform for designers.


Check out the 333 Collective and sign up for a free two-month trial.

Learn more about Diana and 3rd Act Quest.

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  1. Thank you, Sally. We’ve never met in person — but thanks to Zoom. and your “engaging presence” — I feel like I’ve known you for many, many years. Thank you for this conversation and your inspiring support of Third Act Quest and the 333 Collective. I am excited for the launch of your new book — “Meeting the Muse.”

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