Dr. Juliet Bruce Finding Sanctuary in Story

by | May 19, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

Juliet Bruce, PhD uses myth, storytelling, and expressive arts to help those struggling with hardship, trauma, and the challenges of living in these times.

We discuss her upcoming book and how she uses story to change lives. 

Dr. Juliet Bruce is a writer and healing story practitioner. She uses story structure and metaphor to help people who have suffered major disruption in their lives transmute their sorrow and despair into a life-affirming adventure.
Through this courageous work she opens herself to the stories of those who have often been marginalized or traumatized but who can  find within the world of myth new avenues for wholeness.

Juliet is currently finishing a book with the working title:

The Beautiful Thing: A Write of Passage from Shattering Loss to Wholeness on a World that Needs Your Story.

From the episode

“At the moment when everything seems lost, that is the moment just before the breakthrough to whatever you need.”

“Grief is a common ground. In grief our hearts are open.

“The future emerges from the present, if we allow it.”

“Story is always shared. We belong to each other when we share our stories.”

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To connect with Juliet, go to https://julietbruce.com/


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