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Eight Books Someone Should Write

The uber-creative illustrator and drawing coach, Wendy MacNaughton, issued a challenge this week to the folks following her on Substack: come up with imaginary book covers.

Drawing is not my forte, but her assignment put my imagination into high gear. I’ve come up with eight titles, I think someone should write. The last, I would even commission.

A Year of Gourmet Bribes: The Atta-boy approach to canine control
Why bother with the intricacies of training when you can go straight to bribes?

Is Your Goldfish Spying on You? Confessions of an Aquatic Operator
(Pets may not be as pacific as we once believed.)

The Idiot’s Guide To Uncovering Conspiracies
A gift to your Aunt Louise so she doesn’t have to hear it from Tucker Carlson.

 RIBBIT! The Esoteric Wisdom of Kermit the Frog 
I promise that this could be the next spiritual bestseller! 

Pick Me!  Dating apps for monks, mystics, and social deviants
Because we all need love.

Never Feed a Cat Kale: And Other Secrets No One Has Told You
I had no idea!

SHHHH…Five Things I Haven’t Told Anyone, But I Might Tell You

Be honest: Wouldn’t you be curious?

Bridging the Divide: How to Heal a Country at Risk
This is the one I’d commission!

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