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Enjoying the dog days of summer (a pause)

The dog days of summer are here, but as our temperatures in the Northwest head toward 90 (remember, few of us have air conditioning), our dogs are wilting with the rest of us.

Seems like a good time for all of us to grab a cool drink and do less, unless, of course, you are planning to publish a book in October.

So as I plunge ahead with the zillion things that final stage publishing and promotion will require, I leave you with some readings.

In How to Celebrate a Birthday with 72 Delights, I looked at how to bring joy into a birthday with simple acts of noticing.

In Beyond Barbie: What’s Your Monologue? I riffed on the film’s monologue about women that happens about two-thirds of the way in. It’s a scene that transformed the movie from a fun and fluffy musical into an opportunity for profound reflection.

In Let these quotes about the creative process inspire yours,  I shared some of my favorite inspirational sayings, making sure that women creatives, including BIPOC and LGBTQ women, received due (and overdue) mention.

In The one tool you need most when you want to create I wrote about the indispensable tool that has helped me rise above the wicked self-judgment that can thwart almost any creative enterprise.

So with that, I’m off to jump in some cold water to cool off, and then binge-learn all about book promotion.

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