Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. What could be better than the spirit of giving and thanking? But the week before Thanksgiving Day (T-day and counting) was full of minor crises.

My relationship with technology turned catastrophic. I spent two days trying to breathe life into my beloved, old Mac. Needless to say, that put me in a mood. And then a series of run-of-the-mill life hassles, not that noteworthy, seemed to crescendo against a background of our dismal, rainy, Northwest winter. Mood = gloomy.

Of course, that put me behind on all the preparations for T-day: the cleaning, the food fixing, etc., all calling me to move into action NOW!

So what did I do? I just made a cup of tea and did nothing for five whole minutes. I gave my self the gift of five breaths and five minutes to just sit. Let the world wait.

This is the gift I want to pass on to you. Five minutes for you. Five deep breaths. Tea is optional.

With each breath, I thought of what I would dedicate it to. You can borrow my list or make your own. Or just sit still and feel scrumptious.

Breath one: I drink in the love, allowing a feeling of love to surround me. I bask in it. That love makes everything else possible.

Breath two: I send that love out into the world. To the ones I love, and the ones I don’t. Today, I send to both.

Breath three: I send a special breath of love to family, friends, and community. Their support keeps me going. (Family comes in so many forms these days. You can send to whomever you want to bless for supporting you.)

Breath four: I send love to nature. She deserves it.

Breath five: I send love to that which is bigger, mysterious, and transcends the mundane stuff that all too often causes me to shortcircuit. The Eternal. The Divine. The Now. I love the word, God and use it. You use the word that works for you.

FIve breaths. Five minutes. Simple. They got me back on track. I hope they help you. Of course, you can take more. Because with just a few minutes of you-ness, the world can come back into focus.

And with that, I give my deep thanks for you. For your caring. For all that you do. For the light that you bring into the world. For your reading this. It means more to me than you can imagine.



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