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Gloria Burgess; Transforming How We Lead and Live through the Arts

gloria_burgess_weblrgDr. Gloria Burgess is an author, and gifted speaker who has presented keynotes to tens of thousands of people in nearly 30 countries. Her message: that leadership is an inside job. She has encouraged leaders around the world to lead from within.

One of the really special things about Gloria is that she is a master storyteller. The stories she tells of her own family and triumphing over poverty and adversity in the segregated south as well as sexism are really moving. She inspires people to know that your life circumstances do not have to predict your destiny.

Her website quote gives her philosophy:

Inspiring you to CREATE A BRIDGE
FROM what was, AND what is,
TO what can be.


Here’s the entire interview:


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About My Guest

Glora spent twenty-three years in the corporate world where she was the first black female executive in high tech. She left the corporate world to focus on family – and created a successful management and leadership consulting firm. She also founded a nonprofit called Lift Every Voice Foundation to help urban youth gain leadership and technical skills.  And she has authored  very well received books including the Building Leadership Bridges series and Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside

With her husband, John Burgess, they run highly innovative leadership seminars for executives, giving participants the opportunity to experience life and leadership while sitting with the players of an orchestra.

Quote from the interview:

When you follow the gifts that are innately yours, [in doing your work] it provides the energy and fuel rather than draining you and de-energizing you.

From the Show

How the arts can lead to transformational change.

Bringing the arts, poetry, and story into high tech and leadership development.

Hitting the pause button with poetry – to remember who we are.

Finding the fuel for a great career post 60.

How you can fuel the next chapter of your career by doing the work you love.  (Gloria considers the arts her “rocket fuel”.)

How she brought executives and an orchestra together for transformational change.

Her “Yes” approach to life that helps you move beyond obstacles.

Gloria’s humble background and how she is still living the dreams and values of her father, and paying forward the gift of education he was once given.

How to re-fertilize the sometimes parched landscape for leadership with the arts.


The Show Notes

Check out her recent books: Building Leadership Bridges series and Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside. Focused on values-driven leadership, Gloria has received high praise from leadership gurus Dr. Warren Bennis and Peter Block.

Learn more about Gloria at

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